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Grey rats in tiny silk suits are smoking cigarettes and drinking excellent Scotch right across the street from the front doors of our wonderful P.S. 24 school in South Riverdale and behind the back … more
By Nina Barraclough   W ith the passage of the 2014-15 budget, the Common Core State Standards have survived yet another round of political football. The State Assembly and Senate … more
Several countries around the world have done it, and many states in America are now jumping on the bandwagon. The legalization of marijuana, a once unfathomable idea, is now one of the most … more
The past year has been a challenging one for Metro-North Railroad — for its 270,000 daily customers, for its 6,000 employees, for the taxpayers in New York and Connecticut who support its … more
The pedestrian bridge over the Henry Hudson Parkway at 235th Street is in bad shape.  So, let’s knock it down. The bridge looks like abandoned architecture from the old Soviet Union. … more
I am fortunate to represent a congressional district where people have been so compassionate about helping their neighbors affected by the tragic gas explosion in East Harlem. The situation in … more
Some more bad press — not about my writing, I haven’t received any new reviews — about mental illness.  It is everywhere.  I should no longer be surprised.  In this … more
Miley Cyrus is going on tour, with an act resembling a strip club show.  I’d say hide your children, but not just for the obvious reason.  Ms. Cyrus is selling sex, which is an old … more
The world’s first open-air insane asylum is now available for viewing in the Bronx.It runs on Zerega Avenue, Westchester Avenue and other streets in Castle Hill. It goes east on Williamsbridge … more
Pete Seeger’s recent passing has inspired myriad homages about his influence as a singer-songwriter, anti-war protester, environmentalist and Hudson River advocate, among other things. But few … more
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