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Sunday, February 7, 2016
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Dad turns 97 this week. Mom, 93, is making him baked chicken for his birthday dinner. Let us hope she takes the bird out of the plastic wrap this time. They live on their own, in a gated Florida … more
Have you ever heard of Garrett Morgan? All he did was invent the traffic light, an improved sewing machine and a respiratory device that would be used as the blueprint for World War I gas masks, … more
I admire and agree with Councilman Andrew Cohen’s fight for better public transportation services for our area (Political Arena, Jan. 21). Public transportation service is our … more
To the editor, Since Congress continues to fail us, President Barack Obama recently answered our call to reduce gun violence by taking executive actions that will save lives in cities nationwide … more
To the editor, Why doesn’t the anti-immigration crowd recognize that the only truly “legal” immigrants have been the American Indians, who came to the … more
Beth Rosen’s "Children and tragedy" (Jan. 7) and her  poignant reminiscence of the twin air disaster has brought to the surface an experience that has been an ache in my heart for a half … more
When I tell people I did stand-up comedy last summer, they say about themselves, “I could never do that!”  That’s what I thought when I signed up for David LaBarca’s … more
My Uncle Bufty (his real name was Leo Friesland, but for some reason never known to me, he went by Bufty) was brought up in an economically humble household. He developed a company, Sea Isle … more
When I was growing up in the fifties and sixties, children were not encouraged to go to funerals or discuss how they felt if someone died. All over the world, children are experiencing the … more
It’s encouraging to read about independent-minded students at the High School for American Studies establishing the blog “Uncommon Sense” (“Students find their voices through … more
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