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What's Cooking
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Summer is all about easy. Things you can make ahead or put together in a snap. Big white platters, colorful ingredients and just a little seasoning go a long way.   Most of these recipes … more
Coming up with dream menus is part of what makes my job so much fun.  Imagining a table, the guests, the flowers, colors, time of year and what might be a fun, inspired meal that will surely … more
By Danielle Rehfeld drehfeld@riverdalepress.com   Summer has arrived at last! Check out your local farmer’s market and you’ll be nothing short of inspired by ingredients. … more
Stone fruits like apricots, cherries, peaches, nectarines and plums are some of my favorite kinds of fruits to work with during the summer. After buying some meesh meesh (apricots), available for … more
A walk through Tel Aviv’s Shuk HaCarmel is often the highlight of my trip to Israel. I’ve written about the shuk a few times over the years in What’s cooking? Each time is different … more
In the wee hours of the morning, sleepless from jet lag on my first night in Israel, I decided to make something festive to celebrate my cousin Yareen’s 12th birthday. I fumbled off the … more
Smoked salmon and cream cheese is like Harold and Maude, Cheech and Chong or Laverne and Shirley. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. But lately, I’ve been replacing plain … more
Summer spells fun, spontaneity and freedom. For some, that’s a surefire way to empty your bank account on frivolous shopping extravaganzas, parties and weekend vacations. But what’s … more
Some great recipes are born out of sheer need rather than lengthy experimentation.  It’s about doing something simple with flavors you know work well together. A great example is a … more
When I was little, my parents’ idea of a great place to sup was not La Grenouille or Le Cirque. Those places were never part of the vernacular in the Rehfeld family. Eating out meant three … more
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