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Art and change? Already right here


To the editor:

I am a Bronx-based multimedia artist responding to the recent New York Times article “Bringing Art and Change to Bronx.” 

The title implies, somewhat condescendingly, that “art” and “change” might need to be imported to the Bronx, ignoring the ever-changing borough’s reputation as the birthplace of both graffiti art and hip hop — two dominant art forms worldwide. There are countless living artists working here, galleries and supportive arts organizations. The well-established Bronx Museum of the Arts is only a few blocks away from Thomas Hirschhorn’s project.

 A similar 1492 headline might have had Christopher Columbus “Bringing People to the New World.” 

The artist’s monument to a Marxist philosopher may be provocative and may even change some perspectives, though this remains to be seen. I sincerely hope that this work will become more than an opportunity to use a Bronx housing project as a colorful backdrop for an established artist’s daring benevolence.

Nicky Enright

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