Clinton cricketers play Mayor’s Cup


Four players from DeWitt Clinton boys’ cricket team were chosen to compete in the Mayor’s Cup tournament at Van Cortlandt Park on Saturday, June 22.

The Governors were part of the Bronx/Manhattan team, which was one of four squads that played in the tournament. There were two teams comprised of players from Queens schools, as well as a team from Brooklyn. 

The Bronx/Manhattan team lost to the Queens No. 1 team in the semi-finals, 131-104. 

The Queens No. 1 team won the championship with a narrow 110-109 win over the Queens No. 2 team. 

In the semi-final game, on the defensive side, Zahid Hasan allowed 19 runs and two wickets in three “overs” as a bowler. An over consists of six balls bowled from one end of the cricket pitch. Syed Isam allowed 15 runs in two overs. Asfaque Chowdhury had 17 runs in two overs. Hasan Mahbub had 15 runs in two overs. 

Chowdhury led his team in runs with 22. Hasan and Isam scored 10 runs each, while Asmar Khan had 3 runs.