Mother, daughter find their political voices through Women’s March on DC


The response to the election of Donald Trump to the White House was one of shock, disbelief and concern for many in the nation. For mother and daughter Zenaida Bough, 41, and Tatiana Jenkins, 18, the event prompted a search for their political voices.

“I started thinking about my kids,” Bough said. “What was I going to tell my son? I have a 7-year-old boy. He doesn’t really understand what’s going on but he would see me watching CNN and talking about issues and things and he would ask questions…How [was] I supposed to tell him now that the ‘bad’ person won?”

They are just two of the more than 175,000 women who signed up to attend the Women’s March on Washington on Jan. 21. Bough and Jenkins are students at Lehman College. Jenkins is a freshman. Bough, who works at the school as an assistant director of freshman programs, is a graduate student in the liberal studies program. She received her bachelor’s degree from the school in 2008.

Until the election of Trump to the White House, Bough said, she was usually quiet when it came to expressing her political views, but that is about to change.

“I want Washington to know what I expect, and this is the first step for me,” she said on why she is joining the march. “I’ve actually never done anything like this before.”

“I don’t want to be the quiet one. I want people to know what I expect. That’s what’s important to me. That’s why I want to go. I want to be part of something bigger than myself and I want to have a voice and I want people to hear,” she said.

“It’s not us to just for us, to have Donald Trump hear us. It’s for everybody to hear us. It’s for everybody that he selected, so far, in his Cabinet. It’s for everybody now that is going to be now involved in making decisions for my future, for her [daughter’s] future…I want everyone to know what I want,[for] them all to hear what I want to happen,” she said.

Bough’s parents came to the U.S. from Cuba in the 1960s. She is the first person in her family who was born in this country. She said the march is not about just representing the concerns of women. The day is to speak to the concerns of all minorities who will be affected by the policies of the Trump administration.

Jenkins echoed the sentiment. She said the goal of the Women’s March was not to let Trump know that they preferred Hillary Clinton, but to make him understand how women feel. “I know we can’t do anything to make Hillary our president, but we can do something to make him understand that we expect things from him. And, if we don’t get what we expect then we have to take other approaches,” she said.

“I feel like he sees us as objects and I don’t like that. I would hope that this rally would show that we’re smart and intellectual people, who expect change such as the pay gap and things among that nature,” Jenkins said.

She credited her mother for helping her become more politically aware, encouraging her to get involved and for speaking her mind. “I hope to be like her one day,” Jenkins said.

Initially, Jenkins said, she was not interested in going to the Women’s March. She then thought it would be “a good experience to have,” since she had never attended a rally or a protest, she said.

Although Bough does not “expect a lot” from a Trump administration, she said that she did not want to see the quality of life for her, her daughter and her son “to go into reverse.”

Both women said they were not sure how they will feel after the Women’s March. Bough said she plans to help students at Lehman find their own political voices. “As I was starting to teach, I felt a big responsibility in empowering my students. In order to do that, I had to really become more aware and active myself in order to be able to offer that to them,” she said.

Although it is called the Women’s March on Washington, its Eventbrite webpage says it is open to persons of any gender or gender identity who believe that women’s rights are human rights. The march will start at 10 a.m. at Independence Avenue SW and 3rd Street SW in Washington, D.C.

There will be “sister marches” in support for the event around the country. The closest one to Riverdale is expected to gather at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza in Manhattan.

“One of the things I learned about protests, in general, is that you have to shake things up. You gotta make somebody uncomfortable to make them understand that you’re not happy with the way things are,” Bough said.


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Cuba Libre

The irony escapes this “Riverdale Press” article that thousands of Cuban exiles who emigrated from Cuba to the United States in the 1960s received asylum to evade liberal socialists policies & widespread reprisals after the communist takeover and to give their children (and future grandchildren) freedom.

God Bless America and the President of the United States!

Wednesday, January 11

How is Trump the "bad person"? Enforcing immigration laws, ensuring the safety of America, bringing back jobs to the US, demanding that all able bodied Americans work - that's not being a "bad person", that's being a leader!

All of these women that are going to show up protesting Trump - where were you all when 3 young girls were raped and murdered throughout the US last year? While you're so worried about the "bad person" winning, babies in America were being drugged, raped and murdered by their mother and their mother's boyfriend.

This woman and her daughter don't get it and they never will.

Thursday, January 12
Bernice C.

Say what??? The concerns of all minorities?? Sick of that! I am a minority and have ZERO concerns. Those who need to be concerned are individuals who are here ILLEGALLY and have refused to follow our Immigration laws!!! A visitors visa is just that. VISIT! Crossing over into the United States illegally is ILLEGAL! Do NOT SAY you are speaking for ALL minorities Ms. Bough because you ain't speaking for ME or anyone in my family!! Thank GOD the good people of America finally woke up and said enuf' of this abuse! I want to know why is it okay that so many other countries follow their Immigration laws and we can't! Right away millions of us who want the same are labeled racist and many other derogatory things. Well, we spoke and that should send a message follow our laws or get THE HELL OUT! God Bless America...God Bless our future president Donald J. Trump and God Bless ALL of his wonderful nominees. These hearings are a joke. They will all be put in the positions Trump has elected them for and the Democrats know this.

| Friday, January 13
Bernice C

Well said Cuba Libre and Celtic Woman!!

| Friday, January 13
Bernice C.

I should add Thank you Ms. Bough for raising a child who will encourage breaking the law and turning a blind eye to OUR CONSTITUTION!!! You should get the mom of the year award. NOT!!!!

| Friday, January 13
Bernice C.

This story has me so angry and in the middle of a million things. Want to write a story???? Bring this woman to my face and let's debate!!! Lehman College.... God, I remember when I applied in 1991 and a few wanna be students couldn't even speak a word of English and I helped them with their application. They were accepted on the spot at the desk. Me? Had to sit down with someone and told my credits from U of U not acceptable. Downtrodden I still went to one of my dream schools hoping they would accept me. PACE U!!!! PRIVATE!!!! Accepted provisional and in one semester I had to prove with 3.0 and 12 credits which I did during the summer session. NOT fall or winter or spring ... SUMMER!!! Did it. Do a story me going up against this Non-American whose parents I know by fact went through hell like my parents and she wants to help change our Constitution and laws??? Vamo mija!!! Vamo a ver quien tiene la voz!!! Porque tu? You are not an American although born here. Director of Admissions or whatever. Do a story on us going head to head!!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE BIG TIME MS. BOUGH!!!!!! YOUR STORY SHOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED!!! YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN ALTHOUGH BORN HERE!!!! So was I and parents went through hell!!!! There is not no easy path and never should be!!!!!!

| Saturday, January 14

Posted this story on my Facebook page and send to my brother-in-law.. Over 100 friends and tbey would love to meet you Ms. Bough. Last comment is "Trash." You should have kept your mouth shut! YOU ARE NOT AN AMERICAN !!! You are an A.B. and none of you will ever be American. As for my brother-in-law Quique? He came here on the Mariel when he was only 7 years old and my brother was his first friend and LIVES IN CALLE OCHO FLORIDA!!! Who did they vote for??? Who DID the true Cubans of America vote for? TRUMP!!!! YOU ARE A DISGUSTING DISGRACE TO ALL SPANISH PEOPLE!!!! Go back to Cuba or something.

| Saturday, January 14

@Bernice C. - it's refreshing that there are others who are fed up with the nonsense! Some years ago, I had attended Mercy College and took a Political Science 101 class. Easy enough, right? Wrong. In a class of maybe 25 students, half could not speak English. Then one day the professor did something odd, something I had not done since grammar school. She had us all read out loud a paragraph from the text book.

Ready for this...

Only 2 of us - me and another girl - were able to read a paragraph from the text. The other girl had just graduated from a Catholic high school (I had graduated from Catholic school some years before) and she mentioned to me after class that it was odd what we did but even odder was that we were the only 2 who could read the paragraphs.

THAT is what we allow into college and I'm willing to bet that those students weren't paying a penny for their higher education.

Wednesday, January 18
Bernice C

Holy heck Celtic Woman!!!! Why my son is so far away (68.3 miles) everyday and have to fight every single year to keep him there. Today was my annual meeting with CSE. The lead person could barely compose a sentence and things had to be repeated multiple times. In the end, I lost it. I mean... something I rarely if ever do I lost it. to such a degree I scared myself (no exaggeration. CB8 is lucky I never did that, but I have something better for them.) Although must admit I did send out crazy emails when I was beyond frustrated and lost. Regardless, what happened at the meeting today when I got home from Long Island I bumped into someone who tried to help me as much as possible and he voted for Trump! I thought I was alone without a friend in the world around here. Best part? He is DOMINICAN! Born here, but AMERICAN and he said to me I want the country back I grew up in. I want nothing to do with my race (sounds like my brother-in-law who had many wonderful things to say about Ms. Bough Lololol -- NOT!) We not know each other CelticWoman, but believe it or not feels good I am not alone. Lost a few so called friends over my voting which is stupid because Trump lost NY big time!!! Whatever. Hopefully we will bump into each other on the streets one day. I had this facebook pic. Was a warrior woman with a sword and blood on her face and it read "Only Strong Women Support Trump." What we are!!!

| Thursday, January 19
Bernice C

I wish an option was given you could edit what you write. Add a word or correct a sentence, etc....

| Thursday, January 19

Dear Riverdale Press: Obviously, reactionaries are very vocal these days. Please continue to print more articles like this one. Resist the nightmare presidency and its unconstitutional actions.

Saturday, January 28
American vet

How come they can march don't these people have job?

Sneaking into most countries in a crime and these invaders should be thrown out . You do not reward a thief who breaks into your home . YOU J JAIL them and then send then back to their country to "protest"

If 11 million are deported rightfully so if they did not enter this country legally , then the prophylactics on welfare can not say they cant find a job 11 million jobs would open up in a few days

Think how this country's economy will flourish instead of illegal's sending money over seas

the money earned will stay here to help build inner cities, used to hire qualified teachers and have more funding for city hospitals.

Lower the taxes as more free loaders placing a burden on our society

My grand parents came here legally, started their own companies and brought their family members here legally to also be productive members of society

Not one family member of mine went on welfare as we have pride

Monday, January 30