Letters to the editor

Racism: the ugly side of local politics


To the editor:

Let’s discuss a topic that white people in general, and white Democratic Party politicians in particular, are either embarrassed or afraid to bring up: the matter of racist statements directed against whites perpetrated by New York City and state minority politicians.

I will now relate two particular statements from previous years that stick in my mind and then proceed to a very recent despicable remark that led me to write this letter.

When Gifford Miller was City Council speaker, our then “pay-to-play” crooked Bronx borough president, Adolfo Carrion (a Puerto Rican) referred to Speaker Gifford and Mayor Michael Bloomberg — the two most powerful politicians in New York City — as “two rich white men from the Upper East Side.”

Charles Barron, a black City Council member, made a statement several years ago — that he has never apologized for — to the effect that it was good for his mental health “to slap a white person.”

But what prompted me to write this letter was a despicable racist statement spewed from the lips of (black) state Sen. Bill Perkins, of Manhattan, who referred to the recent agreement between the Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) and the Republicans to share power in the state Senate as “plantation politics” that put Democrats “in the back of the bus.”

For those of you who don’t follow politics, the IDC is a group led by state Sen. Jeff Klein that was formed in 2011. It consists of four white senators, including Sen. Klein. Recently — and I believe after Sen. Perkins’ vile comment — a fifth state senator, Malcolm Smith, a black, joined the IDC. I guess that makes him an “Uncle Tom”?

Sen. Perkins’ statement implied that the power sharing deal between the IDC and the Republicans was made for racist reasons — that these white politicians wanted to keep black politicians from gaining control of the Senate because of their color. This is a lot of crap.

Mr. Perkins is just extremely angry that he and his cohort will not gain control of the Senate with all the power, perks and patronage that go with it. Incidentally, Sen. Klein — who also represents a part of Yonkers — wrote a very informative and convincing article in the Nov. 12, 2012 issue of Westchester’s Journal News explaining why the IDC made the deal.

Minority politicians are quick to call whites racist, but take absolutely no notice of their own blatant racism. I refer specifically to two political organizations that make my point: the New York State Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic and Asian Legislative Caucus and a comparably named City Council caucus.

Both these organizations consist of disparate groups that — although often at odds with each other — have combined forces for the prime purpose of gaining power at the expense of whites. This is racism and brands every member of these two organizations as racist! Think about it!

Alvin Gordon