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Stout cheers for Broadway Beer & Soda in Yonkers



Customers who make the trip to Broadway Beer & Soda in Yonkers will not only get to choose from more than 100 beers from across the world. They can also procure a tutorial about the histories, recipes and techniques of their beloved brews. 

“There hasn’t been a place in this area where you can come in and browse for a wider selection of beer,” said James Shelly, owner of the establishment, which opened Memorial Day weekend. “The average bodega or supermarket can’t devote as much shelf space to beer.”

Shelly spent eight years as manager of Jake’s Steakhouse, located a short distance from his new establishment. During those years, he made contacts and broadened both the restaurant’s selection and his own acumen.

“In addition to the major labels, I wanted to have specialty imports and craft beer,” Mr. Shelly said. 

His shelves are stocked with a seemingly endless variety of brews. The store offers everything from  local beer from Brooklyn, Ithica and Southampton to Mexican beer ranging from mild Corona to stouter Negra Modelo. There are selections from Smuttynose and Monk’s Blood 21st Amendment Breweries. He has Messiah and Genesis beer by He’brew, an Arrogant Bastard Ale from Stone Brew  and a Dirty Bastard from Founders’. 

Looking for a Russian lager? A Polish pilsner? Look no further.

Mr. Shelly is a student of beer and the brewing process. He can speak about the historic “Reinheitsgebot,” or German Beer Purity Laws and how the stringency that governs their making compares with the Belgian brewing process. 

He talks about the nuances of hops, grains and water.

“… There is a incredible amount of variety in what you can do with these ingredients,” he said. 

Broadway Beer and Soda is located at 615 S. Broadway in Yonkers. For more information, call 914-226-8282.


Randal Og’s gets a makeover


Randal Og’s is defined as “young Randal” in Gaelic. 

And the pub of the same name, at 171 W. 231 St., recently got a youthful makeover thanks to four partners who have taken over the longstanding area establishment. 

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