Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Trash piles up on Cambridge Avenue lots

By Felix Holoszyc-Pimentel

Bushes, trees and piles of trash are plaguing property on Cambridge Avenue. Residents in the vicinity have contacted 311 to voice their disgust with the properties, seeking improvements to them, to no avail.

The lots at 3190 and 3198 Cambridge Ave. have suffered from neglect since houses there were demolished about a decade ago. Neighbors have observed people dumping garbage onto the latter property through a hole in a fence. 

The garbage has even begun to spill over onto the sidewalk outside of 3198 Cambridge Ave. One resident says he has seen families walk in the middle of the street to avoid the filth.

There is less litter at 3910 Cambridge Ave., but plywood boards protecting the site have broken down and lean onto the neighboring property. 3910 Cambridge Ave. has also been a magnet for graffiti.

According to the Department of Buildings website, the body has issued various violations to the owners of both properties over the past several years, including not maintaining the construction fence around the property, and performing construction without proper permits.  

A spokesman for Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz said he was aware of the problem on Cambridge Avenue, but that the official has not received any complaints recently.

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Dear Riverdalians,

Assemblyman Dinowitz, Councilman Cohen, State Senator Klein and the Riverdale community should also plead with Riverdale Center LLC, who own the property where Key Food resides, to also be a better neighbor and clean up the PUBLIC sidewalks daily on Oxford and Johnson Avenues where the parking lot extends. Key Food and the other small businesses are not responsible for the clean-up of that stretch of the PUBLIC sidewalk; Riverdale Center LLC is.

Everyday these two half-block PUBLIC stretches on each side of the parking lot on Oxford and Johnson Avenues between 232nd and 235th is littered with broken glass, dog feces, garbage bags, liquor bottles, chemicals, plastic bags, supermarket flyers, coffee cups, etc. This is a relatively high pedestrian area because of the local schools, shops and houses of worship in the area. However at times navigating through that half block stretch can be dangerous for the public health of our children, our seniors, our pets, our trees and local shoppers just carrying groceries home. The unsightliness and stench also degrades our neighborhood and encourages more littering throughout the community.

For anyone who cares, please call our local politicians and ask them to address this issue with the property owners, Riverdale Center LLC. Ask them to make the sanitation department place two trash bins on each end of the PUBLIC sidewalks the parking lot extends (4 total) and put signs to remind dog owners about the fine for not picking up after their pets.

Please politely ask Riverdale Center LLC to be a more responsible local business/property owner and ask them to hire someone clean the PUBLIC sidewalk at least once a day, SEVEN (7) days week (NOT just once a week). This stretch gets so filthy it must be cleaned every day. It would only cost them about $20 a day to hire someone to clean the PUBLIC sidewalk they are legally responsible for keeping clean.

If anyone cares about the cleanliness and public health of our neighborhood, here are the contact numbers of the responsible parties who can help make it better:

Riverdale Center LLC: 212-819-0355

State Senator Jeffrey Klein: 718-822-2049

Assembly Jeffrey Dinowitz: 718-796-5345

Councilman Andrew Cohen: 718-549-7300

Thank you Riverdalians!

Thursday, July 24, 2014 | Report this

I agree with BobbyJones. I was always under the assumption that it was Key Food who was responsible for the parking lot and the surrounding areas on both sides that were mentioned since most of the litter comes as a result of Key Food being there. Aren't they renting that space for their customers to use? Most of the garbage comes from them so in my mind they should be the ones being a good neighbor and doing their part as the supermarket in Central Riverdale.

As for the situation on Cambridge, why are the owners not doing anything with the properties? It would make sense for them to sell them. I always assumed that they were some how part of the park and it was the park that was the cause for the neglect, but either way something has to be done about this eyesore.

While we're on the topic of this neighborhood, I wish the Riverdale Press would stop calling this area "South Riverdale". This is CENTRAL RIVERDALE, as this is the Downtown area of Riverdale! The area below 232nd is Spuyten Duyvil (aka South Riverdale).

Monday, July 28, 2014 | Report this
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