We need a plan on the step streets


To the editor: 

Lisa Herndon’s excellent article [“Step streets overrun by ‘weed trees,’” Feb. 9] makes clear the inter-agency confusion that leaves our step streets too often dirty, and in some cases in disrepair. 

These step streets are important pedestrian pathways in our neighborhoods, and a clear agreement regarding responsibility for them needs to be established. 

In addition, labeling them in some way, so that it would be easy for anyone to call 311 and report problems, would increase attention to and accountability for the step streets. 

Finally, I know that Community Board 8 has made rehabilitation of the Summit Place step street one of its budget priorities for the year. 

Although most of our step streets are in good physical condition, the Summit Place steps are crumbling and missing some light fixtures. It is important that this project be funded, so that work can be scheduled. 


Margaret Groarke

Fort Independence Park Neighborhood Association