Writer who revealed Horace Mann sexual abuse revisits story


Over three years ago, writer Amos Kamil had just received the official assignment for his now-famous story in The New York Times Magazine called “Prep School Predators,” which uncovered years of sexual abuse by teachers at his alma mater, the Horace Mann School.

In his new book on the subject, “Great Is the Truth: Scandal, Secrecy, and the Search for Justice at Horace Mann,” Mr. Kamil recalled a moment from that period:

“The day I received the magazine assignment, Ariel Kaminer, who’d become my editor, walked me out of the Times building. We paused at the subway entrance before she descended to catch her train.
‘You’re brave to take this on,’ she said.

‘Or just stupid,’ I replied. ‘I’m about to get slammed by some serious negativity.’

‘That’s not what I meant,’ she said. ‘I’m not sure you’re prepared for the tsunami that will ensue when you publish. Everyone who has been abused — not just at Horace Mann — is going to seek you out to tell their story, too.’”

Sitting in Bryant Park on Oct. 8, Mr. Kamil thought back to that moment with his editor, which happened at a subway stop nearby. At the time, he had never attempted to write a piece of investigative reporting: he was a screenwriter, playwright and brand strategist. The piece published on June 6, 2012, and Mr. Kamil’s life has never been the same since.

“Within the Horace Mann community, hundreds of stories poured forth. But what has surprised me, I’ve gotten calls from Germany, Israel, Vermont… Boston, DC, Alaska, from the highest levels of society to the lowest levels of society,” he said, explaining they have all come from people who want to him to tell stories of abuse. The call from Boston had come just the day before.

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As a father, and a husband of someone abused in a HS, and (through marriage) tangentially related to the HM travesty, I want to encourage the subject to continue to write about this issue.

I understand if it's hard. I understand that it seems like the string will never stop.

But the victims will never speak up twice if, after the first person they spoke with pushed it under the rug, the second person doesn't come with results.

I know you didn't choose this life. As a husband, I didn't either. I chose to love my wife, and I have no other choice. But I do not want to see her suffer anymore.

I appreciate your work in so many ways, it has given my wife courage to approach the fact that she was part of a serial issue. Based on that, you must go on helping others in the same way.

You know the games the institutions play, you know the rips in reason. You're at the edge of the knife and you're the one to report on this. People will trust you.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Unfortunately the HM story is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to "elite" pedophilia. Truth is, there are many pedophiles that exist in the top echelons of gov't, business, media, and their positions of power keep them from ever having justice administered. England and the US is full of stories like the HM story and worse, with crimes perpetrated by people who are making your laws, giving you what you watch on TV, and otherwise making life and death decisions over you and your loved ones.

For an excellent primer into this world of degeneracy, I highly suggest the book "The Franklin Cover Up," which includes some names people will definitely know.

Thursday, October 15, 2015