A different Deegan plan


To the editor:

(re: “It’ll take money, not love, to build Vannie bridge,” April 5)

While the city has developed plans for a $20 million bridge over the Major Deegan Expressway to join the eastern and western sections of Van Cortlandt Park, a protected crossing now exists.

A decommissioned vehicular tunnel once used to send northbound traffic onto the southbound lane of the expressway is linked to trails on both sides of the park. It is possible to walk north on the Croton Aqueduct from the western side of the junction to the trail, follow it through the tunnel under the Deegan, and continue on the trail in the eastern section right onto Woodlawn streets.

Google Maps does not show this connection, but it is clearly evident on topographic maps, and is well known to this hiker.

Dave Wuchinich

Dave Wuchinich