A real challenger for Sen. Jeff Klein


To the editor:

Our activist grassroots group, the Riverdale Huddle, recently had the pleasure of meeting Lewis Kaminski, the declared Democratic primary opponent of state Sen. Jeffrey Klein.

We can report that Mr. Kaminski is energetic and totally committed to run as a true Democrat, and as Democrats, we respect this.

We are frustrated with the tired arguments of Jeff Klein and his Republican-partnered IDC as to why our representatives fail repeatedly to enact legislation we care about. Listening to Lewis Kaminiski was like taking a breath of fresh air.

So, pay attention, Democratic Party primary voters. You will be hearing more in the coming months about Lewis Kaminski and his run for state senate in the 34th District.

Dale Wolff

The author represents Riverdale Huddle, which also includes members Sue Ellen Dodell, Carol Radel, Linda Herlihey, Judith Minkoff-Grey, Sarah Hughes, Janice Weaver, Mihaela Ghiuzeli and Annemarie Golden.

Dale Wolff