Police Beat

Armed makeup robber foiled inside Rite Aid


Police arrested a woman who reportedly tried to make off with a little more than $100 worth of beauty supplies in the middle of the day April 26. 

The 31-year-old tried to sneak out of the Rite Aid at 5825 Broadway, police said, when a security guard told her to stop. As soon as he called that out, the woman reportedly swung a knife at him, but missed. 

Unfortunately for the woman, however, the Rite Aid is within sight of the New York Police Department’s 50th precinct house, and police said they responded before she could make off with her makeup. 


Another perp arrested in front of Rite Aid

A man reportedly running away from a car he was trying to break into was cuffed just a few blocks away.

A collaboration of officers and witnesses worked together to catch him, police said. 

A woman saw the suspect breaking into her car April 19, according to police. When he noticed her, he took off running. 

A bystander saw the exchange around 5:30 a.m., and chased him to the front of the Rite Aid at 5825 Broadway, police said. That’s where an officer helped corner the 25-year-old suspect to make the arrest. 


Vacation ends in dismay

A 55-year-old man’s three-week hiatus from his home ended terribly last week when he found out someone burglarized him.

The man returned around 8:30 p.m. on April 24 and immediately noticed the front window of his home was broken. 

When he walked in, he told police the back door also was open. It was then he noticed he was missing two tablet computers and a laptop charger, which police estimate was worth $290. 

This case is under investigation. 


Despite locked car, credit cards stolen

Either thieves keep getting smarter, or there was an issue with a locked car on the corner of Fieldston Road and West 262nd Street. Either way, police said someone broke into it. 

The 27-year-old victim told police he parked his car overnight on April 29, but returned the next morning to see someone had made off with his wallet. 

Although the man said he locked his car, police said there was no sign of forced entry when they arrived. 

The man later found out someone reportedly used his credit card at a nearby gas station shortly after the theft. 

This investigation is ongoing. 


Lexus lifted

Thieves stole a white 2013 Lexus in a second car-related theft in Fieldston last week. 

The victim, 23, had parked her car for a few hours April 29 at 249. W. 252nd St. When she returned, it was gone.