Bad policies create some bad names


To the editor:

I invite members of the Trump administration and their “big oil” controllers to observe that their anti-environmental policies are causing some chickens to come home to roost.

These birds are named “Harvey,” “Irma,” “Jose” and “Katia.”

Alan Saks

Alan Saks


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Ah, so now hurricanes are Trumps fault. Even if you take this ridiculous thesis to be true, then I want to see every President since the 1860's named here because they're all responsible too. Rockefeller oil interests have controlled government since at least then. I can't see how seven months of an administration is responsible for hurricanes. And also, hurrican'es never happened before?

Coem on Mr. Saks. You're smarter than this. I've read some great letters you have penned for many years now. But I fear you have caught TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, which causes sufferers to see a Russian behind everything that happens, and also seems to suspend all other forms of reason as well.

Also, this is a position which will backfire. Do you have any idea how hated both your side and the media is in this country? That hatred and distrust only grows when your side makes these ludicrous statements, so Trump 2020 here we come!

Friday, October 6