Letters to the editor

College students creating neighborhood problems


To the editor:

I have been a resident of the Bronx for the last 16 years, and each year gets collectively worse.

There have been more and more private homes on my block being rented to college students. These students are from Manhattan College partying almost daily until all hours of the night. Weekends are unbearable, and hundreds of heavy-drinking students all merge on one of the houses each night.

I have approached the parties and am told by the students, “Too bad you decided to move into a college area.” This has been the response regardless of a loud party on a work night or weekend night. I have tried calling the college, the police, 311, been a part of a neighborhood association — nothing has helped.

I have called the landlord, who profits greatly from these students cohabitating. He has not been helpful and continues to convert his apartment rentals to college student slop houses.

These students drink alcohol, smoke, throw cigarette butts, rip tree branches off trees, urinate on my building, and are up making noise all night.

I live in a lovely building with families and have come to love the Bronx. I am active in my community and I am on my building board. I need your help to affect some changes on my block.


Margaret Nolan,