Police Beat

Converter crooks strike once again


Thieves targeted two U.S. Postal Service trucks last week by stealing their catalytic converters. 

The trucks were parked in front of the post office at 5517 Broadway between April 19 and April 21 when police said someone snuck under the trucks stealing both catalytic converters. 

Catalytic converters are a pricey car part that change noxious gases into breathable air through the use of precious metals like rhodium, platinum and gold. It’s those metals that typically attract the thieves to stealing the part. 

Those same thieves tend to target cars that not only sit high above the ground, but also ones that are parked for long periods of time unattended. 

The case is under investigation


Burglar sneaks into occupied home

A burglar broke into a family’s home while one of them was still there, police said. 

The 60-year-old owner told police April 23 his daughter had fallen asleep, leaving the door of their 144 W. 230th St., home unlocked for about 50 minutes. 

During that time, police said, someone managed to sneak in the front door and steal a $300 Optimum cable box. 

The investigation is ongoing. 

Two vehicles nabbed 

A car and a motorcycle were stolen in unrelated incidents last week, police said.

The bike was a black Harley-Davidson, parked near the Woodlawn Cemetery between April 15 and April 17 at Bainbridge and Jerome avenues. When the owner returned, he realized someone had stolen his bike, which police valued at $26,000. 

The second vehicle was a Nissan GTR parked in Marble Hill near the corner of Adrian Avenue and Terrace View. 

The victim, 32, left his car overnight, but returned April 19 to find it gone. 

There were no cameras at the scene of either crime, and right now, leads on the fate of both vehicles have dried up.