Police beat

Cops nab four car crooks in busy week


The officers of the 50th Precinct have been snatching up would-be car thieves like it’s their job lately. 

At least that’s what commanding officer Deputy Inspector Terence O’Toole said regarding an incident last week where police picked up four people who they said were trying to break into several cars. 

It happened Aug. 30 when police say they saw the suspects walking down the street, trying to open doors. 

Police finally stopped the men after they got into an unlocked car and tried to make off with some of the would-be victim’s property. 

The arrests brought the annual total for car theft-related crimes to 25, according to O’Toole, who said that figure was particularly good for a crime like this that is typicallyhard to crack. 


And one of your lucky winners is ...

One of those 25 attempted car thieves was foiled in Riverdale last week, police said, when a witness reportedly spotted a 31-year-old man breaking into another person’s car. 

The man, according to police, broke into and rummaged through a 2011 Toyota Camry on Aug. 23.

The witness called police, who arrested the man on the spot before any of the 61-year-old victim’s belongings disappeared. 


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They break into cars all the time on Manhattan College Parkway, along the Henry Hudson by Fieldstone. It happens at all times of the day. My car has been broken into 10 or more times. And I have called the police. It's a shame. Not sure what to do anymore.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017