Crowd size really does matter


To the editor:

(re: “Activists take aim at Klein’s IDC,” Nov. 16)

First of all, thank you for covering the NYCD-16 “No IDC” event recently. I found Michael Hinman’s article fair and representative of the mood and content of the meeting — it was energizing and enlightening.

There’s only one fact I’d take issue with. I wanted to correct the reporter’s crowd-size estimate. He reported “more than 100” attendees. Yes, it was about 200 over 100, so about 300, I’d say conservatively.

This wouldn’t be important, but Sen. Jeffrey Klein habitually underplays the number of people unhappy with his performance. For instance, he misrepresents the number of people who call his office to complain to him about the IDC.

Once, in The Riverdale Press, he laughably contended that “only about 15 people” had called his office to voice their displeasure. I’m sure he means 15 people an hour. 

He also tries to underplay the number of protesters that show up at his office on a regular basis (and tries to enlist “counter-protesters” when he knows a protest is coming).

So here, as at President Trump’s inaugural — a comparison that is apt, given that Klein’s IDC is aiding and abetting Trump’s agenda — (crowd) size matters. 

It will certainly matter in next year’s Democratic primary where, for the first time in a while, Sen. Klein will have an opponent.

If 300 people (or more) travel from Westchester County and Riverdale and show up for a 2 p.m. Sunday meeting at Lehman College, they will certainly vote.

Rob Jacklosky

Rob Jacklosky