Police Beat

Deliveries grab robbers’ attention


Criminals targeted delivery people in two separate robberies last week, according to police. 

In the first reported robbery, two men ran up behind a 31-year-old on April 6 while he was making deliveries from his electric bike, demanding his phone. 

The deliveryman was pushed off his bike and onto the ground in front of 3044 Albany Crescent, but refused to let go of his phone. The deliveryman won the battle for the phone, but lost the way when they made off with his bike — which police estimate was worth $1,400. 

The second robbery happened a few days later on April 9 when a man tried to rob a delivery truck in front of 5221 Broadway. 

The suspect ran into the back of the truck parked there, but was confronted by a 44-year-old worker. 

The two struggled, the would-be robber grabbing a piece of wood from the truck, and hitting the worker in the head before running away.

Nothing was taken from the truck, but the worker suffered a few injuries after he was knocked unconscious.

Both cases are under investigation. 


Burglary victim slow to report

A burglar victimized a deaf man March 28 when police said he stole $1,000 in cash right from under his nose. 

The 81-year-old victim was asleep on his couch during the actual theft, but woke up as the man was reportedly exiting his 2690 University Ave. home. 

For reasons not shared by the police, the man took a week to report the theft, saying $1,000 was lost. 

Police are still investigating. 


Drunken driver finishes night in handcuffs

A drunken driver was arrested after crashing into several cars on Reservoir Avenue last week, police said. 

One of the car owners, 24, could only watch as the man sideswiped her parked car with his black Ford F-150, police said. 

The driver, not satisfied, circled back to try again, this time opposite 2781 Reservoir Ave., police said, damaging another car in the process. 

The 50-year-old suspect had a blood-alcohol content of 0.226 percent. 

That’s above the legal limit of 0.08.