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Dems need to pressure Trump


To the editor:

Unless and until 45 (Donald Trump) makes public a full personal and business tax disclosure, reform should be considered a non-starter. 

His personal stake — i.e., what he and his kleptocratic spendthrift (on the taxpayer dime) family stand to gain — should absolutely be made known to American taxpayers.

On this one, the Democrats should not yield an inch. 

Like all his other bluster, 45 — the weak lame duck — will fold and leave office.


Adam Stoler,


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Democrap 4 Life

What about the Clinton "foundation" and who made the pay off to the best politicians money can buy

According to The Washington Post, the players involved were “Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining financier and donor to the Clinton Foundation; Giustra’s company, UrAsia; and Uranium One, a uranium mining company headquartered in Toronto.”

2015 New York Times story that recounted “how the Clinton Foundation had received millions in donations from investors in Uranium One, a Canadian-based company that sold a controlling stake in 2010 to Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency, in a deal that had to be approved by the U.S. government.”

This was when Mrs. Clinton was broke . Good thing she had cattle gate and travel gate and her looting of the oval office funds to tide her over

Saturday, May 13
Oh my u forgot


Saturday, May 13
Guess she is not broke?

Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton made overt $28 million last year and paid about $10 million

Not to shabby for broke people living on in A multi million dollar home with 24 -7 armed guards and the Clinton's live rent free are back charging the tax payers for their armed security on their compound

Haiti is still waiting for the millions the "foundation promised"

Did HELLery return all the white house silverware? Was she given a medal for her heroic courage under fire in Bosnia.

It must be a gift to have selective amnesia

Sunday, May 14
Population control

With over crowding I am glad to see the Clinton's are taking an active roll to help over crowding . Bravo


Sunday, May 14