Point of View

Donald Trump no friend of Israel


The right-wing Orthodox Jewish support for Trump has been visibly unwavering and unnerving. Yet, one wonders what the latest (as of May 16) news portends.

Trusting an “ally” like Trump, who off-handedly like a 6-year-old, tosses hard-fought intelligence information from a stalwart ally like Israel, into the hands of a suspect nation like Russia — and then defends his moves — is sheer lunacy.

Once can hear the conversation.

“I have this great, the greatest intelligence, you know. Not as great as my intelligence, or as great as me, but hey, pretty great. And it’s … please, please be my friend now! There’s more where that came from!”

If anyone in this stalwart-supporting community still trusts Trump on Israel, perhaps taking the blinders off to see what he really is, is now in order.

A sorry excuse for a mentally and emotionally challenged 6-year-old, using trusted information to “make friends.” Personal social gain: “They like me.” Validation of a child by an adult: “See, I told you so.” 

He is unstable, can’t tell the truth if his own life depended on it, can’t remember what he said five minutes ago — much less five days, weeks or months ago — and moreover, doesn’t care. 

So this is who the Orthodox Jewish friends of Israel trust? Really?

I personally wouldn’t bet the farm on this fool.

Folks, Trump is as Trump does: For Trump, and only for Trump. When are you going to learn that? He is to be trusted as much as Bernie Madoff, a truly kindred spirit to him.

This is not a man that Jews, the state of Israel, any U.S. ally, nor America, can afford to have leading our country. His impetuousness, impulsiveness, aberrant and erratic behavior, scares any rational soul walking the planet that actually sincerely cares about the issues important to them. 

He is a distraction, at the least, and an incompetent and highly compulsive and dangerous person at the top of the most important country in the world. Using him to further a political agenda or beliefs is self-delusional at best, destructive at worst.

It’s time to make America great again: Impeach and/or sink Trump, and chase him from office, along with his sycophantic enablers. 

We have a country to run and a world to lead. It’s up to Americans of all beliefs to get together and bring our nation back from the brink of where this destabilizing and dangerous narcissist has led us.

The sooner we do, the sooner we can heal.

This Shabbat, it’s time to reflect and ask yourself, “Is Trump a friend of the Jews? Can we trust him to be a friend of Israel? With friends like Trump, Israel doesn’t need enemies.”

By the way, to my dear evangelical friends: Can you still trust this man to be a friend of Israel? Forgiveness is not the order of the day. A nation must survive in order for its inhabitants to be able to forgive. 

Like I said, with friends like Trump, Israel needs no enemies.