Don't complain ... just join up


To the editor:

(re: “So what is it, an attack? Or constructive criticism?” April 26)

As a former chairman and current member of Community Board 8, I have followed the letters to the editor and editorials with great interest. The amount of time I have expended on behalf of the board and the community cannot be measured, since as a CPA in private practice, I could have used that time in more productive financial ways.

I originally joined the board because of my interest in opening group homes. It grew to include all of the matters with which the board is involved.

In your editorial, you criticize the officers of the board for defending themselves rather than calling those who oppose them various names and otherwise denigrating them. For shame that you should recommend this.

Regarding the note given to Charles Moerdler, you make it seem it is 100 percent true without even reporting who gave it or what was in it. Mr. Moerdler, who has given so much to the board and community, reacted in an emotional way.

It is very easy to write letters and criticize others. Those who wish to accomplish something should attempt to become a member of the community board. If this should take up too much of their time, they should join a committee of the board.

No organization is perfect, but I am very proud to have been a member of Community Board 8 for many years, as others who have contributed many hours of service, often at great sacrifice to their families.

Bill Stone

EDITOR’S NOTE: The editorial in question did not suggest Community Board 8 should resort to name-calling instead of defending itself. Instead, it implored the board to react to criticism not in a defensive way, but in a way that can help the board improve. 

Bill Stone