Letters to the Editor

Gun ad in paper was outrageous


To the editor:

Wow. Was I shocked to see an insert advertising a gun show in Elmsford. I’m really not sure what the paper was thinking.

It turned out to be particularly offensive in light of the shooting on Johnson Avenue. 

The ad was so outrageous. It was like a John Oliver takedown. 

“Seniors 60-plus: Bring your grandchild, get a memento.”

“Every Monday: Ladies shoot half price.”

As Americans fight to get gun control, I open my neighborhood paper and see this flyer. 

Not favorably impressed.



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What's wrong w/an advertisement for a gun show in Elmford (although I don't think there was ever a gun show in Elmsford. There was a gun show in White Plains)? And no one is going to be shooting at a gun show. There are many LEGAL gun owners in NYS. These are taxpaying, law abiding, voting citizens who have a right to own a gun, for whatever reason.

The jewelry store owner on Johnson Avenue should have a concealed/carry permit. It's his choice not to protect himself and his property. On the same note, your dear de Blasio told the cops to chill with stop question and frisk and this is what happens.

But glad to see this is what shocks you snowflake. Living in your ivory tower along the Henry Hudson has sure turned you into a delicate little flower.

Friday, April 21
Marcia G. Yerman

It's interesting that "CelticWoman" has numerous comments online, yet chooses to hide behind an alias.

You can be sure that I am not a "delicate little flower," although I question the use of your derogatory term "snowflake."

Oh, and my ivory tower....just a plain old rental in a building built way back when.

Sunday, April 23
Haulacaust Survivor

Yes I remember gun control like it was yesterday

When they came to my house and confiscated my fathers hunting rifle and a few weeks later they took us out of the home

Pol Pot also did an outstanding job with "gun control" and we see the amazing results in Chicago with "legal gun confiscation "

The Clinton regime banned firearms on military bases and we saw the mass murders by "disgruntled major" as we cannot call it "terrorism"

The Schmuer passed a bill no firearms on commercial planes and we saw how box cutters killed more people then the attack on Pearl Harbor

Why do the Clinton's have 24 -7 armed guards and so does the Obama and Feinstein has a full carry permit as does Chuck Schmuer ?

Anyone remember Waco Texas or Ruby Ridge under the Clinton regime of mass murdering of unarmed citizens?

Ted Kennedy did not need a gun to kill Mary Jo

History is doomed to repeat itself as morons actually think ISIS and other terror groups or drug cartels or thugs on the streets will not be armed

Look what is happening France (gun control) England (gun control) and other countries where there is no signs stating "this is a gun free zone" as we know signs will stop criminals as it stopped the Nazi's from murdering UNARMED civilians

Saturday, May 20