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How about some $$ for greenway?


To the editor:

$1.2 billion for the Sheridan Expressway. $100 million for an East Side Greenway. 

What are we, chopped liver?

The Riverdale/Spuyten Duyvil Greenway will only happen when someone with real clout gets serious — no, fanatical — about it. We need some of the tunnel vision once shown by Robert Moses, running rough shod over local stakeholders to build the Northern State Parkway and adjacent state parks. 

Some of us may not live to see it, but it could be a worthy legacy.


David Kornbluh


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Say No to the Greenway!

How about some money for cleaning up the Hudson River? How about NOT dumping landfill into it, endangering its ecosystems and threatening the railroad tracks so vital to our economy?

How about NOT catering to the spoiled jerks who demand that non-existent land be turned into their own personal playground?

If you're so desperate to hang out by the railroad tracks, how about using the park that the greenway proponents begged for years ago? The MTA built it, and almost no one came. Where are the promised usage studies of that park? They don't exist.

How about not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on repeated feasibility studies, when they all show that the greenway is not feasible? How about not wasting more taxpayer money on something that can't and shouldn't exist?

How about letting the public know that there is no greenway plan, and that KRVC is just pushing Cliff Stanton into the spotlight because he wants a political career?

How about we all give this ridiculous concept a rest, and go back to KRVC's other fun waste of taxpayer money: a park in the subway station at 242nd St., hovering in the air above Broadway? Apparently the 1,146 acres of Van Cortlandt Park directly adjacent to the station just isn't enough for them. It's never enough, right, Cliffy?

Tuesday, May 16