Letters to the Editor

How about some praise for Hebrew Home?


To the editor:

(re: “Protect single-family homes,” March 30)

In the last issue of The Riverdale Press, sandwiched between a timely op-ed by Comptroller Scott Stringer on the growing needs of New York City’s aging communities, and a fascinating article on the collaborative effort between the Hebrew Home at Riverdale and the College of Mount Saint Vincent on continuing education for older adults, was what I found to be a disappointing letter to the editor, which in my opinion, unfairly criticized the Hebrew Home.

As a Riverdale resident for more than 70 years, and a volunteer at the Hebrew Home, Mr. Epstein’s letter disregards the longstanding community commitment of the Home that I have the pleasure of seeing firsthand each week. He unfairly disparages a non-profit institution that has helped thousands of senior citizens remain healthy and age with dignity every day.

The opportunity for seniors to learn with college students and remain engaged with the world is one very evident example of the Home’s compassionate mission.

We need to see more efforts by organizations to accommodate modern senior living, and to provide innovative programming, rather than allow a small group of residents to stymie these much-needed services.

I see how tirelessly the staff work and how much they give of themselves to create a happy and healthy environment for the residents.

So in that spirit, I support the Hebrew Home’s growth (both literally and figuratively) in Riverdale, and commend them for their innumerable positive contributions to our community.