How do you measure a teacher?


How do you measure a teacher? The students know because the students are the direct recipients of a teacher’s work. And in most cases, it is the hard work of the teacher, which produces the best results.

There are many tangible as well as intangible markers of a child’s growth and development. One of the best that I have seen was crafted into a poem by students in a tribute to their teachers.

Perhaps the city’s education department should listen to a child, because as Art Linkletter once said, “Out of the mouths of babes oftentimes comes gems.”

This is “What is a teacher,” written by Bibana, Ashanti, Jamal, Ellenah, Diana, John Henry and Mohammed.

A teacher is a symbol of learning: a leader of learners and a miracle to education.

A teacher is an educational god that leads us to goodness while caring for our learning spirits.

A teacher is the captain of our educational journey, exact about everything.

A teacher has the courage enough to teach, and knows mostly all the answers.

Teachers become our heroic inspiration.

Teachers educate us with all of their knowledge. Smart and spirited, teachers can make our brains work like computers. Yet, our teachers also can hold our hands when we need it.

Teachers reach to the sky to get what we need, and exit a subject just at the right time.

A teacher possesses the academics and grace that we all love. Teachers care for us in every imaginable way.

Our teacher is the hero in our learning lives.

Education is the key to success. That is what our teachers have taught us.

Teachers are a class struggle in liberty: Believing in kids, reaching out to kids, and instilling pride within all of us. 

Our education is important to our teachers. Therefore, our teachers struggle hard to teach every student: checking exams after school, explaining things so they are easier, and reading to us or teaching us how to read. 

Each one of our praises we give. And for everything our teachers do, we will thank them today, tomorrow and always.

One must realize that the responsibility for education a child is placed squarely in the hands of the teacher. Teachers in the inner city are aware of this fact. And once the teachers have rolled up their sleeves, the process begins with commitment, dedication, care and concern for a human soul. 

For the students who have found teachers who are there to support them on their educational journey, I say, press on! These students are the fortunate ones because it is their teacher who must dream for them before they can dream for themselves. It is the teacher who prepares children for a future which is not his or her own.

These exceptional tenured teachers are fortunate, because for every ounce of energy they use to invest in the child, they will see the rewards of their investment in the child’s continued growth and development throughout the year. 

Therefore, when I asked these students to define the word “teacher,” it was not a difficult task for them, because after years benefitting from instruction by master teachers, they knew what being a teacher was all about. And, of course, the genre used was sheer poetry.