It might be cold outside, but Earth is still getting warmer


Whenever we have a cold snap like the one our region experienced last week, it’s easy to scratch our heads wondering what all the fuss is about climate change anyway.

But weather and climate couldn’t be more different — Just because we might have cold days in winter, doesn’t mean the average temperature of our planet isn’t rising.

In 2017, we experienced our third warmest year in the 138 years we’ve tracked such statistics, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We are more than a degree and a half above the 57.2 degrees we averaged in the 20th century, and that marks the 395th consecutive month with temperatures above the 1900s average.

While some, like our president, might want to call climate change a hoax, evidence of a warming planet is visible just about everywhere we look.

The oceans are warming. Ice sheets in both Greenland and the Antarctic are losing dozens of cubic miles of mass each year. Glaciers are retreating. Sea level has risen 16 inches in the last 20 years — double the rise of the last century.

Nope, this evidence isn’t the product of conspiracy theorists. Instead, it comes from a much more trusted source — NASA.

But what can we do about it? Quite a bit actually. Education always helps, especially in social media where comments and tweets might try to spin tales about what’s happening to our home on a planetary scale.

And writing to our government leaders, from our city councilman, to our mayor, to state lawmakers and the governor, right up through Congress and President Trump himself. We might not think expressing ourselves will do any good. But if voices get loud enough, even the leaders most deaf to our cries can’t help but hear it.

Cold weather or no cold weather, climate change is real. And it will take all of us to get our planet back on track.


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It's very deceptive how you frame this argument.

There is no doubt the earth is warming, but there is a lot of doubt as to why. Especially when, in Climategate, so called "scientists" were caught red handed massaging data and manipulating results to fit their agenda.

As a teacher of earth sciences, I take a much longer view. Doesn't anyone realize that climate is something that is always changing? Doesn't anyone realize that areas like Greenland were once tropical way before the advent of industry. Doesn't anyone realize that CO2 is plant food, and as such the natural and equal reaction (if we allow it) is that more plants will grow to eat the extra C02 and that the Earth will mend itself?

We are definitely going thru a period of climactic shifts and upheavals. But the causes are much more mundane and natural.....sunspots, solar minimums and maximums etc. Jeez, even the Inuits are telling us the Sun is changing positions in the sky over the last 40 years. This is all evidence of natural shifts in weather that have always occurred and will always occur.

Also, you might want to look into the devastating effects of Geoengineering on the climate. And this program is being perpetrated by governments, not the people.

Now, is there pollution that needs to be addressed? Of course! I am an organic Permaculture farmer so I contribute in very real ways to the greening and mending of the earth every day. But I'm not so blinded by the elite's agenda that I believe in their fake "man-made" climate change argument. No, those arguments are made solely for the purpose of ultimately controlling everything we do in the name of "global warming" and I, and millions of my fellow countrymen, have seen thru your BS for what it is and we're not having it.

Friday, January 12

Also, would you stop using the term "conspiracy theorists" please. It's so 2010.

Friday, January 12
Jennifer Scarlott

Thank you for this important editorial.

Thankfully, vis-a-vis the above comments, the world saw through the climate-denier lies and misinformation long ago. The irrefutable science has been in for decades, and is added to daily. For more info, people can visit sites like climate.nasa.gov

In addition to the editorial's encouraging folks to get active via education through social media, and writing to government leaders, folks in the NW Bronx can join any number of hard-working local organizations that are fighting climate change and local pollution, among them NW Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (find its website), NW Bronx Indivisible Environment Co. (check Facebook page of Northwest Bronx Indivisible), and Bronx Climate Justice North (find its website).

Saturday, January 13