KRVC does a lot


To the editor:

(re: “Promoting development? Or pols?” July 6)

Shame on The Riverdale Press for the recent editorial about the Riverdale Kingsbridge Van Cortlandt Development Corp. As acknowledged, KRVC is a champion of local retailers and sponsors a number of free community events, including RiverFest, street fairs, movies in the parks, and a host of cultural events featuring local musicians and artists.

However, for some reason, the Press editors seem to tarnish these great accomplishments by disingenuously suggesting that our tax dollars are being spent inappropriately because KRVC acknowledges the generous contributions from our elected officials.

KRVC, a not-for-profit, is funded by donations from a number of local businesses (not including The Riverdale Press, which contrary to statements in the piece, does not sponsor KRVC events) and grants from, among others, local politicians.

Taxpayers should not only appreciate that their tax dollars are being used to support the wonderful work of KRVC, but should appreciate the fact that much of what KRVC is able to give to this community is the result of funds provided by our representatives, including state Sen. Jeff Klein, Councilman Andrew Cohen and Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz.

There is nothing wrong with advertising to the public that these elected officials budget money for KRVC. In fact, such transparency is refreshing to see our tax dollars being used so effectively. Acknowledging and disclosing the financial support from elected officials is a service to the community and not an effort to campaign for any particular candidate.

The Riverdale Press should focus on an article which highlights how Executive Director Tracy Shelton has expanded and grown the mission of KRVC, rather than manufacture non-existent improper motives to Ms. Shelton.


CLARIFICATION: Edan Segal is a part-time employee at the Riverdale Kingsbridge Van Cortlandt Development Corp. That detail was inadvertently omitted from Segal’s letter to the editor in the July 13 edition.

Edan Segal