Life after plastic bags


To the editor:

The first item I read when I turn to your Opinion page is usually a political cartoon by Dale Neseman.

The May 3 cartoon begs an answer to the question posed by that frumpy middle-aged couple out for a walk along a paved pathway — what will that “whole new experience” of “cleaning up after your dog” be like without plastic bags?

I imagine it happening in Henry Hudson Park, which is looking great, thanks to the efforts of stewards. My co-op building has many dogs. I was a member of our recycling committee, which met with residents just as the building adopted organics recycling.

When placing saved organics into the bins, a surprising number of residents actually use compostable bags that are pale green, and look much like the supermarket kind sans handles. I personally use small baggies designed specifically for pet waste from BioBag, which can be purchased online in quantity.

Even after supermarket bags are banned, folks can still re-use those small, clear, fresh fruit/vegetable baggies for pet waste disposal. However, those baggies are presently not compostable.

Ira Levenberg

Ira Levenberg