Making college affordable for all


To the editor: 

The Mount is proud of our students and how well they advocate on their own behalf.

Some of our students did not travel to Albany to contend that the governor’s proposal for “free tuition at SUNY and CUNY” would come at the expense of independent colleges. Rather, our students pointed out that the governor’s proposal is not designed to help a majority of the students he claims to want to help. 

Average family income at independent colleges is lower than at SUNY. Graduation rates are higher. Our students were pointing out that the state’s Tuition Assistance Program should be extended to working and middle class families. 

Nationally the standard measure of graduation rates is 6 years. The Mount’s six-year rate in 2015 was 54 percent, the lowest it has been. Usually the Mount’s rate is around 60 percent. 

The article accurately reported tuition and room and board rates for 2017-2018.  As at all schools, “sticker price” does not reflect financial aid from either public or college sources.  Financial aid is the college’s first priority and largest budget item. 

To improve TAP awards would not increase college revenue. It would make college more affordable for families and preserve choice.  

Charles Flynn, 


College of Mount
Saint Vincent