Police Beat

March 30, 2017 crime round-up

3840 Orloff Ave.
Bronx, NY
2902 Heath Ave.
Bronx, NY
281 W. 230th St.
Bronx, NY
5400 Fieldston Road
Bronx, NY
6595 Broadway
Bronx, NY

1. Teen mugged by needy perp

A man who reportedly robbed a 19-year-old on his way to a friend’s house apparently had his reasons for doing so. 

He was one of two men who reportedly grabbed the teenager by the neck and pinned him to the sidewalk March 20 while he walked in front of 3840 Orloff Ave., police said. 

The man, described as heavy-set, bearded and about 5-foot-7, according to police, looked at the victim and said, “I’m sorry man. I’m just trying to feed my daughter,” before punching him in the face. He and a slender man of the same height, then reportedly took the teen’s North Face book bag and $100 in cash before running away.

Police are still investigating.  


2. Fake food order ends in robbery

A food deliveryman was robbed after reportedly delivering a fake order and was attacked at his destination. 

The 45-year-old, according to police, arrived at 2902 Heath Ave., with his delivery, discovering no one was home. 

Two men then approached him from behind, police said, attacking him and leaving him with lacerations above his right eye. 

The perpetrators stole $80 and a wallet before running. 

The investigation is ongoing, police said, but they don’t believe the residents of the Heath Avenue home were involved. 


3. No good deed unpunished in robbery 

A 15-year-old was reportedly attacked and robbed while trying to break up a fight between two other people. 

The teen was getting between two feuding women in front of 281 W. 230th St., on March 23, police said, when several people attacked him from behind. In the tussle, his Tommy Hilfiger backpack, which police estimated was valued at $250, was stolen.

Police did not have a description of the suspects, but the investigation is ongoing. 


4. Pair of burglaries rock Riverdale

Two burglaries occurred on the same day just blocks away from each other in North Riverdale.  

The first happened March 24 while a resident at 5400 Fieldston Road came home after spending the evening away to find his apartment in disarray. The 67-year-old said his windows were open, and several drawers had been left on the ground.

In all, $150 in cash was taken from the apartment, police said.

The second incident happened close by within the same timeframe between 5:30 and 11 p.m., police said. The 44-year-old reportedly left her home at 6595 Broadway for work, returning to find her kitchen window open. 

She said her MacBook Pro laptop, which she bought in 2012, was taken. 

Both cases — which could be related — are still under investigation.