No Donald Trump eclipse wanted


To the editor:

What is an eclipse? It is a blocking, an obscuration. In life, it’s someone or something block your light. 

Americans were excitedly gearing up to watch the moon blocking the light of the sun on Aug. 21. The event was the perfect metaphor for what’s happening in our country right now.

Donald Trump is an eclipse on the United States of America. He and his “alt-right” (a prettied-up nickname for the KKK, neo-Nazis and other white supremacist goons) are trying to block America’s progress. His slogan, “Make America great again,” was a code for “Make America white again.”

His reaction to the horror in Charlottesville showed his true colors. He and his hateful followers have dreams of Jim Crow and dogs with big teeth unleashed by Bull Connor on African-Americans for simply trying to vote.

How horrific it must have been for those who survived the Holocaust to see men marching the streets on American soil with torches, waving flags emblazoned with swastikas, and shouting “blood and soil” and other anti-Semitic and racist phrases.

I first came to America in 1964, and have seen the progress made in race relations over the years. Things are not perfect, and never will be. But it’s a lot better than some countries where almost everyone looks the same.

Never in my most fevered nightmare did I imagine an American president giving full-throated public support to white supremacists. 

We cannot allow Donald J. Trump to eclipse America’s progress, and degrade America’s standing in the world.

Pauline Binder

Pauline Binder


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Binder must have missed the extreme violence perpetrated by Antifa over the past year.

Also, how dare you invoke the Holocaust here! If you could go back to 1941 and ask the Jews if they would rather have Trump or Hitler, I have a sneaky suspicion they would choose Trump. Invoking Hitler is always the sign of a desparate losing side.

None of the things in this letter are actually happening in the real world. Trump repeatedly and categorically decried the idiotic LARPers (Nazis and KKK) in Charlottsville. But the left couldn't handle the fact that he also lumped in the Antifa scum with those groups too.

I would just like to say respectfully to Binder that when Obama won, many people were unhappy and we grumbled about it on our blogs and websites. But there was nothing near the level of organized media hatred whipping up low-information citizens like the author of this article, and we certainly did not constantly whine about it for years and years. InsteadL

We sat back and took the continuation of the wars in silence

We watched the destruction of our civil liberties in silence.

We took the economic hit of Obamacare in relative silence.

We watched the organized race division in silence.

I'm not asking you to be silent, but it's probably better that you take your personal hangups that have nothing to do with reality back to your closed door meeting with other like minded people. Organize yourselves and come up with a candidate that resonates with people. Then you will be back in the seats of power, god help us. But seriously, we're sick of this manufactured hysteria based on your warped perceptions.

Friday, September 8, 2017