Letters to the Editor

No more guns … in the paper


To the editor:

I was already more than dismayed to see the inappropriate advertising for a gun dealership included in the last Riverdale Press edition. But it was all brought home to me — literally — when the jewelry store owner on Johnson Avenue was shot by two men in a robbery gone wrong.

And that it all occurred on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with families strolling about our bustling Riverdale neighborhood, made it even more disturbing.

The last thing we need in our peaceful community is more guns. To have our local press only call for them is discouraging. I know some will say just the opposite, but there already are more than 300 million guns in the United States. That’s one for every person.

Let that sink in.

Given the crime statistics, I can’t see that many guns doing us much good.

Gun violence is a public health issue, announced the American Medical Association last June. Our local press has an obligation to do its part to bring down the unconscionable deaths of 30,000 men, women and children each year.

That’s not counting incidents that leave people terribly injured.

Toddlers killed more than 50 people last year. The Riverdale Press can’t contribute to a solution to this problem by advertising gun dealerships.

I am unequivocally against such advertising, and hope that you will drop such in future editions of The Press, which I normally enjoy reading.



To the editor:

I have been subscribing to The Riverdale Press for over 30 years.

I was outraged to discover an advertisement insert in this week’s issue for Blueline Tactical Supply & Shooting Sports. In the current political climate in this country, as well as the community you serve, promoting gun sales is unthinkable.

If I see this again, I will be canceling my subscription, and encouraging others to do the same.



To the editor:

As a lifetime resident of Riverdale — and as someone who has been interviewed a few times over the years — I was horrified to hear that there was an ad for a gun dealer in this week’s issue, especially in light of the fact that a documentary about Sandyhook was on PBS this week.

If this continues, you can be sure that I will never buy a copy of The Press again.



To the editor:

I am appalled at the advertising for a gun store in The Riverdale Press. This is a danger to our community. It must not be permitted.



To the editor:

I am writing because I am very upset about the full-page ad for a gun retailer in The Riverdale Press.

Lovely of you all to accept their money so that they may advertise gun sales in Riverdale.

In light of the ever-increasing presence of alleged and convicted drug dealers, it appears that the retailer knew they would have a good target consumer base here in our once lovely community.

Like the rag you are, you let them in. After all, reporting and our safety is of little important to The Press.

We will no longer purchase your paper.



To the editor:

Please discontinue using ads from gun retailers.

As members of the Riverdale community, we must take a stand, and more guns is not what we need.



To the editor:

I have been a subscriber to this newspaper for more than 20 years. If I ever see another ad for guns or gun shows, I will cancel my subscription on the spot.