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No more guns … in the paper


To the editor:

I was already more than dismayed to see the inappropriate advertising for a gun dealership included in the last Riverdale Press edition. But it was all brought home to me — literally — when the jewelry store owner on Johnson Avenue was shot by two men in a robbery gone wrong.

And that it all occurred on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, with families strolling about our bustling Riverdale neighborhood, made it even more disturbing.

The last thing we need in our peaceful community is more guns. To have our local press only call for them is discouraging. I know some will say just the opposite, but there already are more than 300 million guns in the United States. That’s one for every person.

Let that sink in.

Given the crime statistics, I can’t see that many guns doing us much good.

Gun violence is a public health issue, announced the American Medical Association last June. Our local press has an obligation to do its part to bring down the unconscionable deaths of 30,000 men, women and children each year.

That’s not counting incidents that leave people terribly injured.

Toddlers killed more than 50 people last year. The Riverdale Press can’t contribute to a solution to this problem by advertising gun dealerships.

I am unequivocally against such advertising, and hope that you will drop such in future editions of The Press, which I normally enjoy reading.



To the editor:

I have been subscribing to The Riverdale Press for over 30 years.

I was outraged to discover an advertisement insert in this week’s issue for Blueline Tactical Supply & Shooting Sports. In the current political climate in this country, as well as the community you serve, promoting gun sales is unthinkable.

If I see this again, I will be canceling my subscription, and encouraging others to do the same.



To the editor:

As a lifetime resident of Riverdale — and as someone who has been interviewed a few times over the years — I was horrified to hear that there was an ad for a gun dealer in this week’s issue, especially in light of the fact that a documentary about Sandyhook was on PBS this week.

If this continues, you can be sure that I will never buy a copy of The Press again.



To the editor:

I am appalled at the advertising for a gun store in The Riverdale Press. This is a danger to our community. It must not be permitted.



To the editor:

I am writing because I am very upset about the full-page ad for a gun retailer in The Riverdale Press.

Lovely of you all to accept their money so that they may advertise gun sales in Riverdale.

In light of the ever-increasing presence of alleged and convicted drug dealers, it appears that the retailer knew they would have a good target consumer base here in our once lovely community.

Like the rag you are, you let them in. After all, reporting and our safety is of little important to The Press.

We will no longer purchase your paper.



To the editor:

Please discontinue using ads from gun retailers.

As members of the Riverdale community, we must take a stand, and more guns is not what we need.



To the editor:

I have been a subscriber to this newspaper for more than 20 years. If I ever see another ad for guns or gun shows, I will cancel my subscription on the spot.



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Full carry permit

My brother in law is a doctor Many years ago two thugs approached him and when he puled his firearm out they decided to find easier pray not a shot was fired

The ex Sgt is right

Morons living with their head in the sand forgot how the Riverdale press building was bombed (no gun used) Boston marathon people maimed and killed no guns used there either

How about the worst attack America had when more people were killed then in Pearl Harbor and it was box cutters that killed 4,000 people and still counting

Just imagine in your pea brains if an 86 year old great grand mother had a loaded revolver and the box cutter terrorists were on the same plane she was on history would have been rewritten

No one talks about the elderly lady in Florida that was able to stop two car jackers only because she was legally armed

Mrs. Clinton did cal NYC police murders does this mean they should also be disarmed?

Yes under the Clinton regime an unarmed child was shot in his back and his unarmed mother was murdered by possibly the same sniper on Ruby Ridge .

The Clinton's (we are the president) did an amazing job burning people alive including infants and unarmed woman in Waco Texas

Gun free zone on a military base allowed a Muslim to kill unarmed military personal

The Long Island lunatic ridding on the LIRR was able to reload his weapon 3 TIMES because no one was armed to stop his shooting rampage

As long as a cop, security guard has a gun a criminal can get it

The Germans learned that the few Jews who refused to be a victim did find a way to slit the throat or knife a soldier in the back and take his weapon and use it to murder other soldiers and take their firearms

Archie Bunker had a great t idea arm everyone getting on an airplane as anyone looking to hijack it would be faced with all the other armed people aboard

Legally owned gun are not the problem the OBama giving a get out of jail free card to convicted felons is the problem

The letting known criminals who are caught with a gun several times and still being turned lose on society is the problem

The police risk their lives everyday to catch dangerous drug dealers and the democratic power that be let them go with a slap on the wrist

Why not look at all the career felons the EX president let lose including terrorists

ISIS is teaching very young people how to use a firearm and American libertards are disarming legal law abiding citizens go figure

Wednesday, April 19
OMG I had no idea

Thank you so much for sharing

Jewish War Vet life member post (69 Bronx ) .. Shame history does repeat itself


Wednesday, April 19

Wow, the Riverdale snowflakes have their panties in a bind over a gun ad. This is comical, to say the least. One shooting in Riverdale has now opened the snowflakes eyes to reality. You still live in the Bronx. You still border the ghetto of South Yonkers. You still live in a loony liberal city where thugs have the right to do what they like.

The jewelry store owner should get a concealed carry permit. He made the choice not to defend himself or his property. de Blasio needs to bring back stop question and frisk. And Riverdale snowflakes need to get over themselves.

Friday, April 21
Holocaust survivor

Celtic women. I would expect nothing less from Jews as I saw first hand how my fellow liberal Jews helped the Fuhrer draft anti gun laws for what he considered "subversive people"

They helped with gun registration laws, then a license to buy ammunition and the more people found loop holes the more the Nazi Jews helped close them

When they came to my parents home and dragged my father out and shot him and beat my mother and sister one gestapo kicked me on the face knocking out three teeth

The liberal and Nazi Jews were to thank that my father who was a policeman had his pistol taken away so he was not able to defend himself or his family

It it the people like Elliot Engel and Schmuer and Feinstein that will ensure "It will happen again"

I wonder how Engel will feel knowing his family is put into a concentration camp like my family was with is "proud of his F rating"

Friday, April 21
Democrap 4 life

I love when my party has "CONTROL" over the population as only the elite politicians

such as Chuck Schmuer should be allowed to have a carry permit

The Human Cost of "Gun Control" Ideas

The Genocide Chart © JPFO.org 2002

Government Dates Targets Civilians Killed "Gun Control" Laws Features of Over-all "Gun Control" scheme

Ottoman Turkey 1915-1917 Armenians

(mostly Christians) 1-1.5 million Art. 166, Pen. Code, 1866

& 1911 Proclamation, 1915 • Permits required •Government list of owners

•Ban on possession

Soviet Union 1929-1945 Political opponents;

farming communities 20 million Resolutions, 1918

Decree, July 12, 1920

Art. 59 & 182, Pen. code, 1926 •Licensing of owners

•Ban on possession

•Severe penalties

Nazi Germany

& Occupied Europe 1933-1945 Political opponents;

Jews; Gypsies;

critics; "examples" 20 million Law on Firearms & Ammun., 1928

Weapon Law, March 18, 1938

Regulations against Jews, 1938 •Registration & Licensing

•Stricter handgun laws

•Ban on possession

China, Nationalist 1927-1949 Political opponents;

army conscripts; others 10 million Art. 205, Crim. Code, 1914

Art. 186-87, Crim. Code, 1935 •Government permit system

•Ban on private ownership

China, Red 1949-1952


1966-1976 Political opponents;

Rural populations

Enemies of the state 20-35 million Act of Feb. 20, 1951

Act of Oct. 22, 1957 •Prison or death to "counter-revolutionary criminals" and anyone resisting any government program

•Death penalty for supply guns to such "criminals"

Guatemala 1960-1981 Mayans & other Indians;

political enemies 100,000-

200,000 Decree 36, Nov 25 •Act of 1932

Decree 386, 1947

Decree 283, 1964 •Register guns & owners •Licensing with high fees

•Prohibit carrying guns

•Bans on guns, sharp tools

•Confiscation powers

Uganda 1971-1979 Christians

Political enemies 300,000 Firearms Ordinance, 1955

Firearms Act, 1970 •Register all guns & owners •Licenses for transactions

•Warrantless searches •Confiscation powers


(Khmer Rouge) 1975-1979 Educated Persons;

Political enemies 2 million Art. 322-328, Penal Code

Royal Ordinance 55, 1938 •Licenses for guns, owners, ammunition & transactions

•Photo ID with fingerprints

•License inspected quarterly

Rwanda 1994 Tutsi people 800,000 Decree-Law No. 12, 1979 •Register guns, owners, ammunition •Owners must justify need •Concealable guns illegal •Confiscating powers

Waco Texas - Ruby ridge "Clinton regime"

Monday, May 22
No more freedom


Monday, May 22