Police not so sure about kidnapping story


A 10-year-old boy who claimed he was kidnapped by a registered sex offender yesterday in front of a drug store Friday on Kingsbridge Avenue could be in trouble himself.

The unnamed sex offender accused of the kidnapping was released from custody Saturday after police said the boy's story of abduction and escape wasn't holding up to scrutiny. In fact, a deputy commissioner of public information for the New York Police Department, told The Riverdale Press it's possible the kidnapping didn't happen at all.

The boy told police he was walking in front of the Rite Aid at 3824 Kingsbridge Ave., when the man pulled him into a gray van around 8 a.m.

The boy claimed he was driven nearly a quarter mile to 3817 Bailey Ave., where he was able to escape and run to the 50th precinct house on Kingsbridge Avenue. 

Officers said they showed pictures of potential suspects to the boy until he was able to identify a man he claimed kidnapped him. That man, who was not identified by police, is a registered sex offender.

Police are now investigating whether the boy, whose name also was not released, actually lied to detectives. However, the NYPD spokesperson said the department did not plan to file any charges against the boy.