Police say kidnapping story doesn’t add up


A boy’s claims he escaped a would-be kidnapper over the weekend appear to be nothing more than a bad bedtime story. 

The 10-year-old claimed he was pulled into a gray van in front of Rite Aid near West 238th Street on Friday around 8 a.m., according to police, and driven to a house on Kingsbridge Avenue. There, the boy claimed he escaped the would-be abductor, running to the 50th precinct. 

The boy claimed he was forced into a basement at 3817 Bailey Ave., but was able to sprint his way to police instead. 

However, officers in the 50th precinct’s community affairs bureau told The Press the child’s story and video surveillance footage near where the alleged kidnapping occurred did not match up. 

Police also said that the boy’s account of the incident changed a number of times throughout the investigation. 

The suspect arrested in connection with the kidnapping — reportedly a registered sex offender — has since been released. 

Although police said they were unsure why the child would have fabricated the story, they have no plans to press charges against him.