Press gets it right


To the editor:

(re: “Watch out for next generation voters,” July 6)

I am so glad to finally see The Riverdale Press, and Riverdalians young and old, standing up to expose state Sen. Jeff Klein’s deception and lies to our community.

Ms. Fisher so eloquently exposed how Sen. Klein’s collusion with the Republicans blocks important legislation on health care from reaching the senate floor, undermining the Democrats’ agenda to help those in need. And, denying us citizens the representation we elected.

A group of concerned citizens’ joint letter (re: “We won’t forget, Sen. Klein,” July 6) reminded the senator and his deceptive Independent Democratic Conference foiled not only health care legislation, but voting and campaign ethics reform as well.

And most significantly, The Riverdale Press finally came out with an editorial (re: “Promoting development? Or pols?” July 6) taking a stand on what is clearly a questionable and unseemly relationship with the KRVC — whose work is otherwise greatly appreciated — being used as a vehicle for Sen. Klein’s campaign promotion.

Certainly, all of this has been revealed to the Riverdale/Kingsbridge community before. Yet, even when the well-known Oliver Koppell ran against Klein on a platform opposing the IDC’s practices, Klein was not defeated.

Are we all so uninformed or civically uneducated that we don’t know how important this is? Please, let this campaign grow to either pressure Sen. Klein back into the Democratic Party, or unseat him and replace him with someone who will represent the democratic values that this community voted for.