Sawing through metal for a clean getaway


With a proper saw, metal just isn’t an issue for thieves. 

An apartment building on the 240 block of Fieldston Terrace found that out Nov. 25 sometime after 4 a.m., when the uncle of the building’s superintendent reportedly heard a loud noise coming from the laundry room. 

When he went to investigate, he found two hoodie-clad guys in their 20s who bolted the moment they saw the man, according to police. 

They’d been sawing their way into a metal change machine connected to the laundry room wall. There they removed the change box from inside, took the money, then put the box back into the machine, taping a piece of cardboard over it in an apparent attempt to conceal the damage.

Security cameras recorded at least part of the deed.

No word on how much the thieves took, but detectives are still investigating the burglary. 


Washing Machine 1, Would-Be Thieves 0

Laundry rooms seem to have been a target of choice after Turkey Day. But at least one laundry machine just wouldn’t give in.

At around 2 a.m., on Nov. 27, two unknown people forced their way into a residential building on the 5500 block of Fieldston Road using a crowbar, police said. Once inside, they entered the laundry room, and using some various tools, tried to extract cash out of one of the laundry machines. 

Apparently, the would-be thieves and their tools were no match for the machine, according to police, because they didn’t manage to take anything.

Despite leaving empty-handed, police are still classifying this a burglary and are still investigating.


Man rents Beamer, never brings it back

Typically when someone rents a car, they return it.

But not this guy. 

A 35-year-old man who’d rented a white 2017 BMW from the Enterprise Rent-A-Car at 5618 Broadway was supposed to bring it back Nov. 20, police said. He never showed up, however, and Enterprise hasn’t been able to reach him.

The New York Police Department suspects the car may be in North Carolina because the renter had a North Carolina address, but still, no one is certain where exactly the BMW is as detectives continue to investigate.


Woman sends gift cards, gets nothing

You can’t always get what you want. And sometimes, you get nothing at all — even after dropping a couple grand.

Just after 11 p.m., on Nov. 29, a 26-year-old woman from the 3200 block of Henry Hudson Parkway told police she’d picked out a car she wanted to buy on Craigslist. She contacted the seller, who requested she send along $2,000 in eBay gift cards in exchange for the car.

The woman sent the gift cards, but she never got the car.

Police are still investigating what they’re calling a grand larceny.