Shooting suspect arrested in Atlanta


A nearly month-long man hunt for two men who tried to rob Marilyn’s Diamond Collection on April 8 — shooting the jewelry store’s owner, Chris Carucci Sr., in the stomach — has ended, police said. 

That’s because authorities in Atlanta have apprehended one of the men believed to have pulled the trigger.

The two men parked their Ford Explorer in front of 3264 Johnson Ave., nearly a month ago and walked into Carucci’s store, police said. 

Carucci said he had seen both men standing in front of his store earlier in the week, police said, which he later believed could have been them plotting the robbery.

So as soon as the men walked in April 8, Carucci hit the silent alarm, notifying police, just before the men demanded the money in the register.

One of the would-be robbers panicked, police said, shooting Carucci in the stomach before fleeing the store empty-handed. 

“I never thought I’d have to say someone tried to murder my father,” Carucci’s son Ryan told The Press April 14.

U.S. Marshals tracked down the alleged shooter, who the New York Police Department did not identify, in Atlanta, according to the 50th precinct commanding officer. He likely will face an extradition hearing in Georgia. 

After that, he’ll likely return to New York where he will be formally charged in connection with the shooting. 

Shortly after the shooting, Carucci’s family raised money online to help cover their patriarch’s medical bills. That campaign has since raised $9,571, just shy of its $10,000 goal.