Slideshow: Vigils for Orlando victims


Days after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, dozens gathered at vigils at Riverdale Monument and the Bronx County Courthouse on June 15.

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Jews Need to be disarmed

I Totally agree Jews need to be disarmed except those in high public office and those who can afford the high cost of obtaining a full carry permit such as Chuck Schmuer, Diane Feinstein and people like Bloomberg who have 24 - 7 armed guards

We need to allow history to repeat itself to make sure it really happened

Amazing how anti gun laws seem to only go after poor minorities as the democratic party made sure blacks could never have legal gun ownership

Most anti gun Jewish leaders are self loathing and yet they are armed but feel they are the elite and they say "do as I say not as I do"

More people were killed by box cutters then the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Just imagine if there had been one armed citizen on those ill fated flights history would have been rewritten

Sunday, May 7

Chicago has really anti gun laws and we see how well this is working :-)

No guns on military bases the Clinton regime ordered and we saw how many unarmed military personal were slaughtered

Ruby Ridge unarmed child shot in the back under the out of control Clinton regime

Unarmed mother murdered as she was holding a baby also under the Clinton war on citizens (Ruby ridge)

Out of court "wrongful death action" for the murdering of unarmed people

Anti gun laws are working according to Nazi regime in Chicago

Chicago's 762 homicides in 2016 is more than New York and Los Angeles combined

We need to catch up to Chicago disarm all licensed gun owners to make sure the criminals are not hurt as they have much more rights then the victims

Sunday, May 7