Stop personally attacking me, and get back to work


(re: “Cabrera: It’s hard to be rich,” Political Arena, July 20)

In recent weeks, my councilman has spearheaded a public campaign against my character and my service to the community. During an interview on Spanish language television, he said I was “not from this community” and that I “have not done anything in this community.”

He reiterated this sentiment through comments to The Riverdale Press.

In light of this, I believe it is best to highlight some of my experiences in the community and how these experiences shape the work I will do in the city council.

As a young boy growing up on Fordham Road, I would translate for my mother, neighbors and family friends when they applied for public benefits. I knew at an early age that it could be difficult to obtain the temporary help one needs when they cannot speak English. 

This is why I believe our community boards need to take a more hands-on approach, enlist the services of bilingual residents, and initiate an action plan to help our vulnerable residents access the services they need to survive.

I was blessed to earn a scholarship to college in upstate New York. Though I was physically away from the Bronx, my heart remained at home. As a member of the student government, I secured funds to help start a digital library in the Concourse House, a shelter for women and single mothers. 

The computer software I delivered allowed children and their mothers to grow intellectually while having fun using a computer. I believe we need to double down on this, which is why I will spearhead the city’s first coding as a second language initiative in District 14. 

Our kids deserve every opportunity to land the high-paying jobs of the future.

Recently, upon completing my service as an advisor in the administration of President Barack Obama, I returned home to find several issues needing immediate repair. I took it upon myself, as an attorney, to hold forums on immigration laws and visit undocumented residents at home to explain what a valid warrant looks like. 

I also put a halt to my campaign several times to advocate for Bronx tenants in housing court facing illegal evictions. This is why I will call for more lawyers in our community to work pro bono on all matters that impact us the most.

Growing up in this community was not easy. But this is my home, and I can’t stand to see us fall to displacement and gentrification. The hardworking families that helped stabilize the Bronx deserve a fighting shot at social mobility.

The councilman’s words against me were not just hurtful, but they were not based on fact and have hurt my standing in the community. Rather than hurling accusations against my character, I suggest the councilman work to fix these community issues before the voters of District 14 hire someone new to do the job.

The author is an attorney, and a candidate for New York City Council District 14.

Randy Abreu,


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This article is a JOKE. Who is Randy Abreu? I'll tell you. A fraud. This kid has lived in Washington DC and California for the past decade going to the worst law school in the country and is trying to act like a progressive messiah. He claims to be a lawyer in NY- find me 1 case he has been the lawyer for. I looked it up- nothing. He claims to have been an advisor for the Obama Adminstration- he was a FELLOW at the department of energy DURING the Obama administration until 6mo ago! Tell the truth Abreu. Tell us why no one I know in this community knows you? Tell me how he knows our struggles? And tell me why his mom worked for Fernando Cabrera if the guy is so bad. Mr Abreu's article should say this "currently lives in MANHATTAN and is only registered to vote in our district at his parents house." Tell the truth! Say whatever you like about Councilman Cabrera- he's not perfect, but this KID needs to go back to D.C. Just another fake lawyer trying to use our votes to get a big paycheck.

| Friday, August 4
Cheers to RANDY

The first user comment here is a joke. Randy Abreu was literally hired by President Obama as an appointee to his administration after Randy worked as a legal fellow on Capitol Hill. As a longtime friend of Randys, I know personally his life journey from the Bronx to the white house and back home. The negative user comment is proof that Cabrera's smear campaign against Randy Abreu is doing nothing to help the community, just spreads lies. Sad. And I don't think Randy needs our votes for a big paycheck. He turned down job offers in Congress and with Google to run for office. WE NEED RANDY, SO WE MUST GIVE HIM OUR VOTES.

| Friday, August 4
Cabrera Should Be Investigated

Fernando Cabrera sold his church in the poor neighborhood he 'represents' ... He sold the church to private developers to build luxury apartments starting at $3000 a month! DID CABRERA GET AN ILLEGAL KICKBACK? Why did he lie to the community about selling the building. Why does Cabrera abuse the people he represents? He takes advantage of us because we are vulnerable. Cabrera is not a public servant he is a public parasite. I'm voting for Randy Abreu! Randy is a neighbor. Randy is from the community for almost 30 years. Randy cares.

| Friday, August 4

For someone who’s username is ‘District14TRUTH,’ you really did manage to spout off a ton of falsehoods in just a short period of time; so, let’s go through the record, shall we? It’s amazingly ironic that you accuse Abreu of not living in the district when the Councilman himself was caught claiming his home in Pelham, NY as his primary residence and Westchester County forced him to pay back $4,500 in taxes. Imagine that, in one of the poorest districts in the City, Councilman Cabrera was skirting almost five Gs in taxes. It’s comedic gold that you believe that Cabrera, a man who patronizingly claimed that rich people have it worse off than the poor and compared his constituents to plastic chairs, remotely cares about the people in his district. Moving on, a simple Google search will turn up Abreu’s bio at the Department of Energy where his title was literally SPECIAL ADVISOR. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, Abreu isn’t some type of progressive imposter (unlike the Republican-before-I-decided-to-run Councilman Cabrera who proudly embraced the Ugandan government that persecuted gay people). The guy was straight up a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the DNC; he was endorsed by the Bronx affiliate of Sanders’ ‘Our Revolution’ PAC in addition to the Working Families Party; he was endorsed by one of the premier LGBT orgs in Stonewall Democrats as well as Planned Parenthood Action. Also, Abreu isn’t a fake attorney. If he was, why does he show up on Avvo, a database of practicing attorneys, as having been in the NYS Bar since last year?

So, I’ll turn the question back to you, faceless commenter. Tell the truth. Why do you incessantly lie about Abreu’s achievements and throw out wild accusations about his family without evidence? Why do you feel the need to defend a politician who has done nothing to improve your life over the last 8 years and has spent the last 3 trying to primary his way into the State Senate (where there aren’t any term-limits)? Cabrera is as craven a politician as they come, and you’re right. He’s not perfect. He’s actually terrible because the Councilman is yet another pol, in a long line of Bronx politicians, who has abused his bully pulpit as a pastor and did the very thing you accuse Abreu of doing in giving himself a fat paycheck when he voted to raise his salary 32%.

| Friday, August 4