Stop picking on Sen. Jeff Klein


To the editor:

The attacks upon Sen. Jeffrey Klein and the Independent Democratic Conference have grown tedious. I consider myself progressive, and probably support most of the same policies as the IDC bashers. But I reject the fantasy that all would be well if only the IDC would rejoin the mainstream Democrats.

First, let’s review the origins of the IDC. The Democratic senators had given leadership positions to Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate. To the surprise of very few, each of them got indicted and convicted of crimes. Following that, the Democrats made John Sampson of Brooklyn their leader.

Sen. Klein said he could not work with Sampson as leader, and he and a few others formed the IDC. Guess what happened next? Yes, Sen. Sampson was indicted and then convicted of corruption.

The question is not why was the IDC formed. The question is why did mainstream Democrats select a corrupt individual as their leader?

Now look at the state senate today. There are 32 senators elected as Democrats, and 31 elected as Republicans. But Sen. Simcha Felder of Brooklyn, who is not a member of the IDC, caucuses with the Republicans. So even if the IDC rejoined the Democrats, they would still be short of the majority.

I ask the opponents of IDC, why do they gloss over this fact as if it did not exist?

The IDC believes that it can accomplish more by caucusing with the Republicans than with the Democrats, and it has some achievements to support that position. I have no way of knowing whether progressives would have achieved more or less had the IDC caucused with the Democrats.

Sen. Klein has served our district well. If, after a future election, the senate Democrats could achieve a majority with the support of the IDC, I would hope the IDC would support them. Until then, I have no problem with Sen. Klein and the IDC caucusing with the Republicans.

Ed Yaker

Ed Yaker,


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E. Lang

I do not understand why Mr. Yaker feels the fact that previous Democratic Senate Majority Leaders have been convicted crimes is in any way relevant to the question of why Mr. Klein and his cohort refused to vote for the upstanding and wholly worthy Senator Stewart-Cousins as the Senate Majority Leader. The direct result of their treachery is that they handed control of the State Senate over the minority Republicans and blocked rafts of progressive legislation that had passed the Assembly from ever getting to the floor of the Senate for a vote. These bills are ones that the hypocritical members of the IDC claim, for the most part, to support, like single payer health insurance, the Reproductive Health Act, GENDA, an Environmental Bill of Rights, repeal of the preferential rent eviction loophole, and the New York Dream Act. The fact that the IDC is flush with money from real estate interests and opponents of public schooling explains Mr. Klein's ability to "serve [your] district well" and explains his and his IDC buddies' tolerance for subverting the progressive interests of the State as a whole. By the way, Senator Felder has implied that he would caucus with the Democrats if the IDC would return to the mainstream Democratic fold. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/05/24/nyregion/simcha-felder-idc-letter.html

Saturday, November 25
Michael Hinman

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Sunday, November 26
Love being a democrat

I am so sorry Mrs Clinton was not elected as I was hoping to have Wild Bills latest activities that are coming to light hidden.

I wonder why so many democratic's have wives that "stand by their man" no matter how much of a whore monger they are?

Elliot Spitzer wife knows her place and so does Mrs Clinton and the Kennedy wives all knew to keep their mouth shut and smile as they stood by their hubby and his mistress

Anthony Weiners wife was told to leave him prior to Mrs Clinton's run for president as it did not look good for another woman to show how weak in the mind they are by being abused by the "man of the house"

Just because Mrs Clinton is a proven liar and thief and has less morals then Wild Bill does not mean we should think like Senator Klein as he

be backing backing the dirt bag democratic politicians all the way just as long as he supports party lines.

My party right or wrong will always get my vote even if they are corrupt or as super brilliant as Mrs . Pelosi or as sober as Diane Feinstein .

Our mayor would be one amazing democratic president and I would support any and all tax increases to help "spread the wealth" and allow any and all "citizens of the world" to get handouts as long as they want .

Actually Klein has a lot of chutzpah voting for the best qualified rather then being part of the good ole boys club

Wednesday, November 29