Letters to the Editor

Support your local businesses


To the editor:

In these difficult times, why not support Bronx Week by patronizing your local neighborhood businesses. There are so many great stores to select from in Riverdale and other nearby Bronx neighborhoods.

My wife and I don’t mind occasionally paying a little more to help our local businesses survive. Don’t forget your cook and server at your favorite local neighborhood restaurant. We try to tip 20 percent against the total bill, including taxes. If it is an odd amount, we round up to the next dollar.

If we can afford to eat out, we can afford an extra dollar tip.

When ordering takeout, we always leave a dollar or two for the waiter or cook. 

Remember these people are our neighbors. Our local entrepreneurs have continued to create new employment opportunities without the assistance of federally funded taxpayer stimulus dollars. They work long hours, pay taxes, and provide employment, especially to students during the summer.

If we don’t patronize our local community stores and restaurants to shop and eat, they don’t eat either.

Please join me and your neighbors in continuing to support The Riverdale Press. Patronize their advertisers: They provide the necessary revenues to help keep them in business.

Let them know you saw their ad.


Larry Penner,