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To the editor:

When I first read the quip put out by President Trump bragging that his nuclear button is “much bigger” than that of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader, I sighed. 

I do not find any humor in such a statement.

It is probably true that to leaders of the Western world, such a statement makes the United States look foolish. But the consequence of tweets in American is that Americans can be distracted from focusing on critical world events. 

Do we really want to taunt North Korea at this point when they have the capacity to launch missiles with nuclear warheads?

Regardless of party affiliation, we all must resist being distracted by such constant tweets sent out without input from the president’s advisors and cabinet. What is happening today is not the “new normal,” and should never be accepted as such.

There is “real news” out there, and this is what we, as citizens, must focus on.

Eileen W. Fisher

Eileen W. Fisher,


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unlike this letter writer, I am very thankful we have such a master like Trump in office. Y'all on the losing side never understood the man or his followers so now we're supposed to take what you say seriously when you criticize. Trump's style is very simple. It's called truth and actually meaning what you say. Or would you rather have the slick liar Obama back because he makes you "feel" good. Given Obama's horrific track record with economics, race relations, diplomacy, civil liberties and war, I'd much rather have the wrecking ball known as Trump. He told us he was coming to DC to drain the swamp and shake things up. What don't you understand about the results?

Keep it up President Trump. You have the support of the country. Who cares what some urban elitists think about you?

Sunday, January 14
Michael Hinman

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Sunday, January 14