Police Beat

Unluckiest burglars alive — probably


Police may be looking for two burglars who simply have the worst luck. 

Suspects are being sought in three separate burglaries, all who incidentally ran into their would-be victims or a witness, and each time never making off with any stolen goods. 

Although police can’t officially connect all three burglaries, they confirmed it’s certainly not hard for them to connect the dots. 

The first incidents happened within two hours of each other on Aug. 8 starting at 3:30 p.m., when police received a call from a witness who saw two men running away from a house on West 246th Street while an alarm was blaring. 

Police are still trying to reach the owners of the home to find out if anything was actually taken, but it looks like the would-be crooks left empty-handed.

As if a blaring alarm system and a witness weren’t bad enough, police were called just 90 minutes later on Aug. 8 about two men with the same description. 

The duo reportedly kicked in the air-conditioning unit of a 43-year-old woman’s apartment at the 3800 block of Cannon Place, according to police, only to find the would-be victim’s father. 

He was housesitting for his daughter who was one vacation, police said, and caught the two suspects red-handed on their way out of the apartment. 

The father told police they dropped everything and ran away. 

The third break-in happened four days later, inside an apartment at 3300 block of Bailey Avenue, when police say two men, also bearing the same description as the previous two incidents, broke in and subsequently bumped into the tenant and his father. 

A fight ensued, according to cops, damaging several items in the apartment. Yet, once again, nothing was taken by the time the robbers ran away. 

The 41-year-old resident told police the two men got into a red sedan, but could not remember the make, model or plates. 

All of these cases remain open, but if police do think they’re looking for two — not six — very unlucky crooks, they have not confirmed it.


Another crime, still Tuesday 

Aug. 8 wasn’t a great day in the 50th Precinct, as yet another crime occurred — this time before dawn. 

Police said a woman parked her car on the corner of Jerome Avenue and West Gun Hill Road, but when she returned at around 2:40 a.m., it was gone. 

There was no broken glass on the ground, police said, but there were cameras across the street, which police are looking at. 

The investigation is over for now, but officers are keeping a lookout for a 2013 BMW.