Velvet Caravan

Posted by PurchasePAC

Gypsy Swing / European redneck music? Why not! Savannah-based Velvet Caravan is one of the most eclectic ensembles in the music business today. Combining Gypsy, Honky-Tonk, Swing, and Latin, this band plays upbeat tunes from all over the world with thunderous virtuosity and a relentless sense of humor.

This unorthodox, high-energy, acoustic-based quintet of guitar, violin, standup bass, percussion, and keyboards (including accordion) will make you want to get up and dance — and you’ll be able to, as this event will feature nightclub seating — think Joe’s Pub — with dinner, drinks available at the bar, and, yes, a dance floor!

Tickets: $87.50 (includes three course dinner)

Standing Room Only (no dinner) tickets may become available closer to the event date, check the website for details.