Wait for the report


To the editor:

(re: “Silence from elected officials,” Nov. 23)

The knee-jerk “power to the people” reaction to police work is great for rallies, but puts us all at serious risk.

Their reaction ignores many documented instances where police officers have had their weapons grabbed by the criminals that they were apprehending, resulting in the police officer’s death, as well as the deaths of innocent civilians.

On Oct. 6, after being told he was under arrest, the teenage criminal tackled a police officer and tried to put his hands around the officer’s neck. He had the officer on the ground, and in all probability, was close enough to grab the downed officer’s gun, which could have resulted in the death of the officer, or even our social justice warriors videotaping the arrest.

The officer’s quick-thinking partner came to his aid during the assault without using lethal force.

We must allow internal affairs, the Bronx district attorney and the Bronx borough investigative unit time to evaluate the facts and determine whether all proper procedures were followed. That might be inconvenient for self-professed social justice warriors. 

I prefer law and due process for the brave men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line to protect us each and every day. They deserve no less.

Rob Spalter

Rob Spalter