We honor Christopher Columbus


To the editor:

Our Christopher Columbus monument in Baltimore was vandalized in August, and now others are trying to do the same to our Columbus monument at Columbus Circle in Manhattan.

Protesters of the monument state that they will not tolerate hate due to Columbus’ treatment of Native Americans, but think of how filled with hate are the hearts of the persons who committed such an act of vandalism. 

In 1492, people believed that the Earth was flat, and if sailors sailed too far, they would fall off the edge of the Earth and be devoured by serpents. Columbus was one of the first who believed the Earth to be round, and was extremely courageous to try to prove his point by sailing for months, and yes, landing in America, home to us.

This is the big picture of why we erected a monument and designated a holiday in his name.

Andrea Tekirian

Andrea Tekirian


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Not to belittle Ms. Tekirian, who seems like a sweet and good hearted person who really believes in her convictions, but her grasp of history is seriously flawed. In fact, she sounds like a first grader reciting what their teacher just told them about the fake story of Columbus.

By 1492 there had already been thousands of years of history of people sailing to the Americas. People did not believe the world was flat by this time, and if anybody still beleived the serpent stories they were probaly people who were mentally ill.

Columbus was simply a hanger on, and a person who used the accumulated knowledge of thousands of years of maritime history to perform his voyage, assuming of course that he existed and made his voyage in the first place. I wasn't there, and nobody else was either so it's a remote possiblity that the whole story is a fairy tale.

But in either case, Columbus was riding coattails, not pioneering anything. Read "1421" by Menzies that documents a trip made by the Chinese all over the world in that year. Read John Henrik Clarkes excellent books on how the Africans sailed here a long time before Columbus.

This comment should not be miscontrued as an attack on Columbus or on Ms. Takirian, who again sounds like a very sweet and genuine person. It is an attack on fake history. And now this fake history is once again being used to drive a wedge between people. One day I hope all you "good liberals" and "good republicans" will realize how much you're being played by the system. You're all useful idiots for the people who are really in charge.

Friday, October 13