Point of View

We need to stop global warming


If God really exists, he/she (sorry, don’t know the pronoun) must have been a very nice person since he created this paradise called Earth for us puny little humans.

How do we pay God back? By doing nothing except destroy it! With what? Global warming! I’m only a fifth-grade student, but I think about global warming every day.

By golly, humans are monsters! Don’t believe me? Watch World Wrestling Entertainment.  That will definitely change your mind.

Anyway, back to global warming. Shame on us humans! One reason global warming should be stopped is because some species may become extinct, such as polar bears. Polar bears don’t swim very well.

Many species have already gone extinct because of the greenhouse effect, so more species will if global warming is not stopped. Bees, for example, may go extinct. They pollinate our food.

Another reason why global warming should be stopped is because life will get harder than it already is. Life will become much hotter and very uncomfortable, too. Isn’t that great?

Global warming makes life uncomfortable by causing lots of weird temperature swings. That means making the weather hot one day, and making the weather cold another day.

Also, global warming may cause health problems (and we never have enough health problems). Mosquito populations may increase and cause a higher chance of getting the Zika virus.

The most important reason global warming should be stopped is because a stronger greenhouse effect will get out of hand. The greenhouse effect can cause oceans to rise. The greenhouse effect will melt ice and glaciers. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicted by 2100, the Orange Man’s “Winter White House” (aka his Florida mansion) will be partially under water.

Some people, like the founder of the Weather Channel, said “global warming is the greatest scam of all time.” The Orange Man said global warming is a hoax.

And to them I ask, “How do you explain all those weird temperature swings? Search global warming weather patterns.” Don’t have an answer?

However, Barack Obama and the Chinese president — the manufacturer of most American products — are trying to stop global warming. 

What do you think? Will you side with the former President of the United States and NOAA, countless numbers of scientists, and me to realize that freaking global warming is real?

Good night and good luck with life, America. We all need it.

The author is the 10-year-old daughter of Frieda Gold and regular contributor Mike Gold.