Letters to the editor

Why does Alinsky get so much ink?


To the editor:

(re: “Why do myths get so much ink?” Oct. 19)

On Oct. 5, The Riverdale Press published my opinion piece, “Stop disrespecting our nation’s flag.” On Oct. 19, the paper published a response from Mr. Steve Siegelbaum, in which he makes the following statements:

“I have run out of patience with The Riverdale Press printing the willfully ignorant, racist and embarrassing (to your newspaper and its readers) nonsense you apparently feel it is your duty to publish. Although virtually every sentence, every phrase in Mr. Gordon’s ravings is false, contradictory or just plain muddled, The Riverdale Press seems to have no problem with it.”

However, nowhere in his letter does Mr. Alinsky (excuse me, Mr. Siegelbaum) actually quote any of my various statements that he so vehemently objects to, and try to refute them with cogent arguments as any intelligent person would do. 

Why? Because he can’t! He doesn’t have the brains or the arguments to do so. Instead, like a true Alinskyite, he uses words such as “ignorant,” “ravings” and “racist” to personally attack me in an attempt, through ridicule, to negate the various points I made in my letter.

For your readers’ information, Saul Alinksy (who died in 1972) is known as the “father of community organizing.” He was a revolutionary who believed that the United States had to be radically changed, and that the way to do so was by (over a period of time) infiltrating the system from within to penetrate existing institutions such as churches, unions and political parties (and, I might add, the colleges and universities).

He believed “there is no such thing as a fixed truth” and that “the end justifies the means,” including the use of lies and deception.

This reminds me of his most prominent disciple, Barack Obama. Remember his atrocious lie, “If you want your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.”

Alinsky’s famous book, “Rules for Radicals” (the bible of the movement) contains a list of the many slimy surreptitious tactics that can be used by radicals to further their causes. “Ridicule,” which Mr. Siegelbaum attempted to use on me, is No. 5 on that list. 

I strongly recommend the readers of this paper look up Saul Alinsky on the internet. 

His ideas are extremely dangerous to this country’s existence.

Steve Siegelbaum’s letter is just the latest one of these radical, liberal low-lifes to have tried these slimy tactics on me. It didn’t work before, and it won’t work now. He seems to think he’s dealing with some spineless, politically correct, “Kumbaya”-chanting, Upper West Side liberal Jew who is easily intimidated by fear of being called a “racist.” He is most definitely wrong in that regard.

But then again, I may be wrong. Steve Siegelbaum may not be an Alinskyite after all. Maybe he is just an ordinary, radical leftist moron who just doesn’t have the intelligence to challenge opinions that differ from his own, and has to resort to calling his opponents names such as “racist,” “bigot,” “hater” and “Islamaphobe.”

So which one are you, Mr. Siegelbaum?

Alvin Gordon

Alvin Gordon