Two rob T-Mobile store on Riverdale Avenue

Police are looking for two men they said robbed the T-Mobile store on Riverdale Avenue earlier this week.

Dems make early choices

In any political race, there are winners and losers. That’s true even within a group of people who share the same ideology. The Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club met Nov. 20 at …

Rats move out of shadows, into daily life at reservoir

Rats are about as New York as Yankee Stadium, a dollar slice, or getting excited over a clean subway car. They’re everywhere — so much that you barely notice when they scuttle from view around a corner, down the storm drain, or from one pile of sidewalk garbage on pick-up day to the next.

The Bronx is hungry, POTS offers help

Hunger in the south Bronx is nothing new. A quarter of the borough’s population — 30 percent of children, 15 percent of the working poor and 20 percent of senior citizens — don’t have enough food, according to a recent report by Hunger Free America.

Poetry gives these newest Americans hope

Azeez Alimi is one of 12 Lehman College students who wrote about his life and experiences as a first-generation immigrant and college student. The stories were bound together and released as a book, “Our Words Have Power,” and the authors celebrated with readings last weekend at Lehman College’s Hearth Room.


An accessible art world right around the corner

The art world can seem like a place far removed from the everyman. As a branch of academia’s ivory tower — with its galleries and shows, exclusive parties and galas — most of the art world stands aloof from the very idea of accessibility.


Bronx Science’s special season capped with first PSAL city title

The chance to bring home its first Public School Athletic League volleyball championship seemed to be slipping away for Bronx Science.

Hands off our buses!

Huge crowd protests off-hour service cuts

Hundreds of express bus riders and supporters packed an emergency meeting at Riverdale Temple with seemingly one goal in mind: To convince the MTA not to cut express bus service that connects their Bronx communities to Manhattan.

A confluence of classical musicians, composers

A half mile from the Hudson River is a decades old music group that harvests relationships with the community at large to create an area rich and bountiful with classical music. Their cornucopia of work has been performed throughout New York City, but their home is the Northwest Bronx, and it is here where showcases most of its orchestral work.

Neighbors nix new medical center plan

Neighbors greeted each other as they assembled in front of 3741-3745 Riverdale Ave., Friday afternoon. On the other side of the black fence was an empty lot, just as barren as it was when crews demolished the former DJ Drugs location and a neighboring building back in 2013.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, let’s talk about cranberries

Thanksgiving is here, and planning is underway for the festive meal traditionally shared with family and friends.

Intimate setting mingles musicians and audiences

The café is an important fixture in the urban culture. It’s a place where the monstrous echoes of elevated trains and the bustle of frustrated commuters fade away in favor of conversation, contemplation, and a certain sense of calm.